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weird ARC behaviour and overshooting

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The Plane did not fly the ARC's properly and constant. I had a speed of about 250. Also NAV does not react quickly enough and finally it will overshoot XANAD and turns right to intercept it, whereas it should turn left to intercept radial 288 of SUD VOR.


I tried to paint it quickly to show the actual flight path (blue)



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  • thasos changed the title to weird ARC behaviour and overshooting
13 hours ago, thasos said:

it will overshoot XANAD

First of all, you're doing something wrong by inserting this approach on CDU.

The way you're flying it, even the real plane had difficulty maintaining LNAV trajectories.


13 hours ago, thasos said:


When you proceed via RUSO2X , you have 2 options:


1- Fly to XANAD and perform a holding pattern as published in VOR Y RWY 29 or

2- When you are inbound to XANAD .... transition to approach charts VOR Y RWY 29 and when reach 14 DME

proceed to join 12 DME ARC until cross radial R-098 and complete the approach as published.





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hi @Polo, i am not insisting that my programmed approach is something that would be done also in RL. Your proposal seems definately legit :) ... Though, many STARs wont be executed fully in RL, but thats not the point :P.


In my opinion its still very wrong what the plane does. I mean, lets forget about that last part and only check RUSO2X isolated. Check my blue flight path, you will see, that the plane was not able to enter even the first ARC and fly it consistently until XANAD.

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