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  1. This is one of the reasons ( and LNAV in general) why the CRJ is still uninstalled on my PC. I came back here to see if people are still having this issue and it’s apparent that they still are. I don’t understand why after 6 months this issue hasn’t been fixed when we’ve got freeware devs that have enroute LNAV and Direct To functionality modelled perfectly. what gives ?
  2. I have this problem too. It’s adding a phantom waypoint for some reason and trying to intercept it to then go to the fix I asked it to go direct too, doesn’t make any sense and doesn’t work. I do not understand how things like this can get passed by a BETA team. The direct to function is a basic function of an FMS used by pilots all the time.
  3. I believe you’re trying to fly an RNP app with RF Legs which isn’t possible in the real airplane or in the simulated one. You can fly RNAV approaches (no RF legs) down to LNAV mins buts that’s it AFAIK.
  4. No I didnt. I wasnt sure of this how the actual airplane behaves thats why I asked. I know in 73s 320s etc even if you have no constraints, stars or appraoches in the box it will still calculate a vnav profile and give you a TOD.
  5. I am using the latest version, updated last night via AS Update app.
  6. I have this issue as well and it doens't seem to matter the route, winds aloft etc.
  7. I noticed a good increase in FPS as well. Very good thanks!
  8. I had a flight into Albany NY tonight on VATSIM. I didn't file a STAR and didn't put an approach in the FMS until they gave it too me. I noticed that without any kind of Constraint in the FMS (from a STAR or APP) the FMS did not calculate a TOD nor did it give me sort of VNAV info. Once I loaded an APP it calculated a TOD and VNAV did its thing. Isn't the plane suppose to calculate a TOD regardless of the whether or not I've loaded/edited/added a constraint? If it is suppose to do that than this is a bug. Regards
  9. So company filed me at .78 for cruise. I went into the VNAV Pg and edited it to 320/.78 and hit Execute When I get up to my Perf Int Cruise Alt with the AP on should the plane automatically bug .78 on the PFD? I'm assuming that it does but it isn't in the sim, is this a bug? Regards. PS: Im using the latest version.
  10. I highly doubt you can fly a DME arc in LNAV in the real airplane. Maybe @thedude can help us put. Im pretty sure everything as far as approches is concerned is flown Raw Data except for RNAV approaches which cant have RF legs and cannot be flown to VNAV mins either
  11. Same problem. I find the flt plan pg to be a mess even when loading a regular route by hand but the legs page seems to make sense.
  12. I’m having this same issue in zero wind conditions at latitudes around 42 (New York state too.
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