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Throttle Calibration - No Raw Data


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(Apologies if this is the incorrect section!)


I have purchased and installed the CRJ and look forward to putting it through its paces.


However I've hit a snag before leaving the ground. I'm attempting to calibrate the throttles, however the EFB doesn't see the position of my Thrustmaster TCA quadrant (line of dashes) and trying to set a position only gives an input of -999999 for every detent.


The throttles are working and visible in the Controls section of the MSFS settings menu. With engines running I do get a result in that power changes occur, however the EFB still sees no input and the levers themselves do not move. In the external view HUD, a power and lever position (either REV with a red arc or a %) can be seen so although I can set a power by %, I can't make use of the gates.


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