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  1. Well I have managed to fix it - with a full re-install of the sim and the CRJ. (I didn't do it because of the strobes!)
  2. Unfortunately not, I loaded the Citation Longitude (unmodded) and then to the CRJ in 'regular' mode with no success; I have since tried in dev mode with a direct swap between aircraft (Cessna Caravan to CRJ) without returning to the world map, this also fails.
  3. To the best of my knowledge, no as previously answered. However I have since moved everything except the CRJ and its default liveries from my community folder just in case I missed any light addons or am having a conflict with something less obvious. Or if possibly an addon livery is the problem. However on loading with a default livery, still no strobe lights despite all other switches in both the CRJ700 and 550. It isn't a huge issue, and hopefully the 900/1000 release might solve the problem!
  4. No - only the default keyboard binding; nothing on any other hardware. I've just tried removing the keyboard binding as well as double checking my other hardware bindings; still no strobe lights. I use the TCA stick and throttle, but again no lights are bound to them.
  5. I did a subsequent flight with the same issue. I do have some light mods installed (scenery ones), but have just tried the sim with them disabled and still the strobes don't work.
  6. Yes - first time I've loaded in a while so I can't say which update caused it (I'm on 1.0.5 though). All other lights work normally, strobes will not switch on. I don't have any controller bindings set for lighting; the keyboard binding (default) doesn't work either.
  7. Further to my earlier post, managed to make another perfect intercept (KMSY 11) and the aircraft followed both the LOC and GS (this time with the correct annunciations) - but around 1000' AGL the aircraft just decided to level off. On this approach, not a problem, but it does mean flying into true IFR conditions is a bit of a gamble.
  8. does appear to have resolved this issue for me (only based on one flight so far, but both departure and arrival had ground N1s around 21%)
  9. I had a minor issue with the new update yesterday - KTLH 27, intercept was messy from the LNAV but it did correct, and start following the GS (although showed VGP in the PFD). However around 1500' it started levelling off - not completely, but it ended up losing the GS requiring manual intervention. Speed was around 140kts at the time.
  10. I found if you hold shift whilst using the scroll wheel it speeds up! Luckily haven't had to do any DH/MDAs above 700' yet though
  11. It was indeed - and it appears to have worked. Thanks!
  12. Customers who bought the CRJ outside the MS Store (or Steam) can use the updater tool (look in start menu). I haven't got any form of Updater in the start menu (Windows 10). The only entry under my Aerosoft CRJ on the start menu is a link to the manuals folder (it isn't in there, either).
  13. I'm still having issues with this despite changing my sensitivity settings and playing with calibration. It's a bit frustrating constantly riding the brakes when taxiing, and landing with a fairly high level of thrust. It is possible to move the levers to a true idle N1 using miniscule adjustments, but these are out of the detents and so the throttle quadrant drops back into them (and to the high N1) as soon as you let go. EDIT - just to add, it does seem that the anti-ice has an effect. I was taxiing with it all off, turned the three AI switches on and off and the N1 went back down to 21, and reverted to idle properly for a while. As soon as I took N1 above 36% again to move the aircraft, the same occured and idle N1 remained at 36%.
  14. I've had hit and miss results - KJAX 26 and KMIA 08R both provided issues; KJAX was a bit of a mess but it was my first flight so could have been down to me, but KMIA was with the benefit of some successful ILS experience behind me and yet provided the massive nosedive others have reported. The only thing I can possibly think is that both these approaches were from vector portions of a STAR using DIR INTC or HDG rather than an LNAV intercept.
  15. I've done a few flights with the CRJ700 and have input a DH as per the Navigraph charts. The last few flights have all constantly repeated the 'minimum' callout on reaching DH (around 5 seconds between calls). Not really an issue on a CATII ILS, but I was doing the GPS approach into KEYW with LNAV only DH (approx 750') and it was announcing all the way from 750' to ground level (AP turned off) which is a little distracting. Have I got to acknowledge the callout somehow? Might it be because I haven't reset the AP Disconnect toggle (I use a joystick button to disconnect AP and hand fly, but pressing it a second time to reset the disconnect re-engages the AP so I don't do it!).
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