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Slow checklist - continued

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This previous thread got closed before I could finally reply, therefore I add here.


@ Hanse: You asked: "What is the problem if a checklist needs a little bit longer with thoise breaks than without?"


In my understanding, a checklist is a flow like many things in the cockpit (e.g. checking all instruments when entering the cockpit). And I think that prior to v1.4.2.0 the CL already was perfectly implemented in this respect. The new 5-6 seconds of unmotivated pauses by the PnF before calling the next item interrupt this flow. As said, I use the CL for every flight, acting on the items myself (without the Copilot function), and I think this is close to the RL situation. With all the interrupts by PnF, I am frequently wondering if and when the PnF will call the next items or if the CL got stuck and I need to press "Skip item" (which happens from time to time). The 1-2 minutes CL delay are a lot in intensive flight periods like after-takeoff or final approach. It may be a matter of flavor, but I feel it mainly to be distracting.


I fully understand your argument that a product cannot fullfil all individual wishes, but in my view the new pauses are a step away again (compared to previous implementation) from RL while in contrast the product tries to get closer to RL e.g. in terms of system depth. To more elaborate on my previous argument that the new PnF reading behaviour is not a natural way:

- PnF completes after-takeoff checklist at 7000-8000 feet and then calls out transition altitude which was at 5000 feet already. This is not the way a CL should work

- See these two RL examples (there will probably be more) of checklists, one takeoff checklist (at 4:50) and one landing checklist (at 12:20, also a nice example for the PM just taking his time once for dealing with other things). You notice the constant communication flow between PF and PnF.


As said, I am not arguing to revert your CL implementation to the previous one, there may be users benefitting from the PnF pauses. But there may also be others who wish a more natural PnF reading behaviour. So, in my view a typical case for a user option (as in case of the new View Focus). But it seems that Aerosoft is currently not willing to take this up as a user option, so as you mentioned earlier that "there is always the chance to go back to the previous version", I would be thankful for a hint how I can install the A320 Pro version previous to

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

I closed this topic because all arguments have already been exchanged. But I will not be unpolite and will answer your questions / statements. But finally that's it.

  • We have thousands of users and looking at this subject only a handful of people complain about this. And until now their arguments do not convince me that those few users are using the CL function (incl. ViewFocus) as intended. And to implement a "Break Option" (which by the way means a lot of work) to support this would be contradictive. In the first test version we did not implement those breaks and our beta testers complained that they were not able to steer the plane anymore when it was moving.   
  • In RL there are two persons in the cockpit doing the flow / settings p.e. one can look outside and steer the plane whereas the other one makes the checks / settings. So in this respect the timing is not comparable with what happens in RL. You are talking about "reading the checklist" but that is not the point. It is not just reading alone but making the checks / settings. 
  • In the TAXI CL you have to set on the EXT LIGHTS, AUTOBRAKE, check TO DATA, push TO CONFIG, check TO ECAM MENU, make WXR settings as well as FD to ON. Please do not tell me that you are able to make all this settings / checks yourself one after the other e.g. without breaks or looking outside. Currently those "breaks" between the various checks are exactly 7 seconds. But I will consider maybe to shorten those breaks to 5 sec. - have to run some tests on this change. 
  • In a normal TO the After TO CL is finished below 6.000 feet. When passing TA (QNH blinking on PFD) your able manually to push the knob for STD and the CL will recognize this..... So what is the problem with that?
  • You can download the previous version as a full installer from your Aerosoft account.
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I am really wondering for what reason these arguing should go on and on? Anybody can say that there are places where the CL might go a bit slow. This is true and not true at the same time. Please try to understand that "fast" and "slow" are relative and too much personal depending categories. 

Let's have an example. Please disable the co-pilot from MCDU 3 and start doing the CL without her / his help. How many people here are 100% familiar with the location of all switches and buttons? Do you believe that everyone who had purchased the Aerosoft's AC (no matter which version) has the skills of a RL pilot and knows the location of all control units? How many people are really realizing the use of CL and why they were created?

Rolf said absolutely correct above - the plane is made for a wide audience of people who have big variety of experience and they need to learn first, before getting "Expert" level in simming. There is no an universal game yet, which is developed in such a way that can be so flexible to suit to all the requirements and pretentions of each individual.

Sorry for the language, but if someone does not like the view focus function it can always be switched off. The plane can be flown without CL even and it can reach sometimes the destination.

Last, but not least, I am trying to say that the idea of all those updates was to make the plane much more interactive and as much closer to RL operation. My personal opinion is that such aim can be reached with productive discussions, proactive suggestions instead of endless arguing without any practical use.

Have a nice evening and always keep the blue side up!

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