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A333 Update Issue


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Dear Aerosoft Team,


As I was experiencing a sudden annoying lack of beacon / strobe lights with my entire Airbus series, I decided to delete all 3 products from my PC in order to re-install them.


I was able to re-install both the A318/19 & A320/21 products and update them to the latest version via the Aerosoft Updater. However, when having re-installed the A333 and wanting to update, I ran into the following issue (made 2 attempts, both with the same result). See attached.

Note that I had opted not to install the "locked" version of RAAS (FS2Crew) as I own the professional RAAS 64-bit product. During the update process, a screen appears asking me again if I want to install the  RAAS (FS2Crew) product. I opted not to via the exit button.


For you info, everything was installed as "Administrator" and my Microsoft Defender AV had been deactivated during the whole proces.


Please advise. Thank you / danke.







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Hi, I've reported this some time ago in the 'updater' section, also an easy fix to 'resolve' this :




And yes, it only happens when you do a clean install from nothing to the latest experimental, then the RAAS installer is called twice... Maybe it will be fixed with the next release ?


best regards,


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Thanks guys!


Followed Miquel's procedure and all went well. First updated to v1.0.3.1 and afterwards ticked the experimental option and now have v1.0.3.2


Agree with Tom that possibly Aerosoft can look into this... Am somewhat surprised this had not been picked up prior to releasing the experimental update for a "clean" install.

No doubt, others will encounter similar...


Cheers - Herman

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