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  1. There is a known issue with windows 'audio ducking' since mid february (some mandatory update...) and there is a lengthy discussion in AVSIM p3d forum. What fixed it for me was changing the audio devices in p3d sound settings from 'Default audio device...' to 'Realtek...' (or whatever device you've got). Others reported that only toggling the comm settings (changing from 'do nothing' to other and back) after every boot of windows did help... Maybe this helps...
  2. No problem here, less than a minute at full speed... Try a different browser/downloader ? best regards, Tom
  3. The latest stable version for A320 on P3D V4 is - you may have to redownload and reinstall, since this is a full version (and the update came with mods to the checklist...). And again: having two axes assigned to the same control in fsuipc is a bad idea, maybe you already have fixed that ?
  4. Don't know the [JoyNames] AutoAssignLetters=No 0=Logitech Extreme 3D 0.GUID={9D8A9050-A597-11EA-8001-444553540000} But why there are 2 axes for the elevator ? [Axes] PollInterval=10 RangeRepeatRate=10 0=0X,256,D,1,0,0,0 -{ DIRECT: Aileron }- 1=0Y,256,D,2,0,0,0 -{ DIRECT: Elevator }- 2=0R,256,D,2,0,0,0 -{ DIRECT: Elevator }- 3=0S,256,D,4,0,0,0 -{ DIRECT: Throttle }- Remove this 2=0R,256,D,2,0,0,0 -{ DIRECT: Elevator }- and try again...
  5. Unfortunately it's not only a problem with a distorted 'order' but also with 'deleted' default entries: i for example have deleted all 'air berlin' liveries with the livery manager, so in both P3D versions (V4/5) my added liveries are gone after the update - they are only added at the end when the original number AND order is present in the cfg file. Since I always make backups before an update this is no real problem, merely some inconvenience... but not so experienced customers may have a problem with that... best regards, Tom
  6. Hi, I've reported this some time ago in the 'updater' section, also an easy fix to 'resolve' this : https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/157464-updater-a330-problem/ And yes, it only happens when you do a clean install from nothing to the latest experimental, then the RAAS installer is called twice... Maybe it will be fixed with the next release ? best regards, Tom
  7. No, no updater process was running... Since the logs showed that everything went fine until failed i corrected the as_a330_prof.xml in the 'Products' directory of the updater (it showed despite the C:\aerosoft\Aerosoft A330 Professional\Product.cfg showing Then the updater installed & 2 without problem and now everything is fine. You may close this thread, but when updating from to this may happen again (i don't think it's a problem with the updater but with the A330 update files, since both and tried to install the 'FS2Crew RAAS...Locked.exe' ). best regards, Tom
  8. For some unknown reasons i had CTDs with the A330 after the latest update of the A330 on P3D 4.5 HF3, so i decided to un/re-install the A330. The version i see in my account is 1010, so i downloaded and installed that (leaving the smaller busses untouched). After rebooting i started the updater with the following result (see picture) : wether i allow to install RAAS or reject (i do have the full version) i always end with '...installation aborted' and the updater hangs. I think the installer for RAAS is started twice: when 1020 is installed and again when 1030 is installed - since this happens before i even have time to answer the RAAS questions the '...locked.exe' is already there so the installation will fail... What to do ? best regards, Tom
  9. Try the following: - when the XBox app is running there is a symbol in your task bar, open it (right mouse-click on "redeem a code") - when it runs for the first time it asks for some boxes to be ticked (like "allow in game purchase") - it may also ask for a profile name, just give it.. - tick all boxes, close and retry your installation That 'trick' did it for me...
  10. Right after "Eine beliebige Taste...." - do you have the premium deluxe or the standard version ? Yes, I've read all this and also skimmed avsim and reddit for severeal hours, only to find how many people do have this problem... and the answer from zendesk is: wait... But now 'Ive ordered the box, and this will work, right ? best regards, Tom
  11. Das funktioniert leider alles nicht - in meiner Verzweiflung habe ich jetzt die box bestellt...
  12. Well, this is still weird: I do have the shutdown sound now on all models (as noted above), but APU startup only on the A319 CFM - on all other models no APU startup and still the FuelFlow glitch... In addition I've had the APU startup on a turnaround flight without closing P3D in between (that is APU start again after shutdown some minutes before...). All this with latest busses, P3D 4.5 HF3 and latest windows 2004, and I do not really miss the APU sound since I'm in the cockpit when it's started (windows closed)... ­čśë Best regards, Tom
  13. Same here, sounds great! Also I found that the FuelFlow glitch (and the sound 'hole' that came with it) when starting the second engine has been fixed... always thought there might be some connection... Regards, Tom
  14. I have seen it yesterday at taxi2gate EDDM with P3D V4.5 HF3 and A330, break was set to medium, dry runway - will try to reproduce... Best regards, Tom
  15. You either have to install manually or add the file 'LiveryInstaller.txt' to your zip file - both described in this thread just above your post... But I do have another finding: I do 'package' a manual installed livery, delete the original one and insert (by 'drag and drop') the new packed one - everything is fine in the livery installer as well as p3D (4.5 HF2). Now the aircraft.cfg file in the SimObjects\Airplanes\... folder looks different - the new entry is at the end of the file - there is a new line 'atc_parking' - the lines 'atc_parking_types' and 'atc_parking_codes' are missing Note that the LiverInstaller.txt file does contain these lines... Since these are txt files I can easily 'correct' this, but is this intended behahiour or is this a bug ? Best regards, Tom
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