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  1. Try the following: - when the XBox app is running there is a symbol in your task bar, open it (right mouse-click on "redeem a code") - when it runs for the first time it asks for some boxes to be ticked (like "allow in game purchase") - it may also ask for a profile name, just give it.. - tick all boxes, close and retry your installation That 'trick' did it for me...
  2. Right after "Eine beliebige Taste...." - do you have the premium deluxe or the standard version ? Yes, I've read all this and also skimmed avsim and reddit for severeal hours, only to find how many people do have this problem... and the answer from zendesk is: wait... But now 'Ive ordered the box, and this will work, right ? best regards, Tom
  3. Das funktioniert leider alles nicht - in meiner Verzweiflung habe ich jetzt die box bestellt...
  4. Well, this is still weird: I do have the shutdown sound now on all models (as noted above), but APU startup only on the A319 CFM - on all other models no APU startup and still the FuelFlow glitch... In addition I've had the APU startup on a turnaround flight without closing P3D in between (that is APU start again after shutdown some minutes before...). All this with latest busses, P3D 4.5 HF3 and latest windows 2004, and I do not really miss the APU sound since I'm in the cockpit when it's started (windows closed)... 😉 Best regards, Tom
  5. Same here, sounds great! Also I found that the FuelFlow glitch (and the sound 'hole' that came with it) when starting the second engine has been fixed... always thought there might be some connection... Regards, Tom
  6. I have seen it yesterday at taxi2gate EDDM with P3D V4.5 HF3 and A330, break was set to medium, dry runway - will try to reproduce... Best regards, Tom
  7. You either have to install manually or add the file 'LiveryInstaller.txt' to your zip file - both described in this thread just above your post... But I do have another finding: I do 'package' a manual installed livery, delete the original one and insert (by 'drag and drop') the new packed one - everything is fine in the livery installer as well as p3D (4.5 HF2). Now the aircraft.cfg file in the SimObjects\Airplanes\... folder looks different - the new entry is at the end of the file - there is a new line 'atc_parking' - the lines 'atc_parking_types' and 'atc_parking_codes' are missing Note that the LiverInstaller.txt file does contain these lines... Since these are txt files I can easily 'correct' this, but is this intended behahiour or is this a bug ? Best regards, Tom
  8. I do have this on all busses and versions since a long time, but it does not happen very often... It is not related to cruise or any ALT setting, for me it starts right after rotation: I explicitly look at 'pressure' after start and there 'Cab Alt' is gone to -150 (regardless what it was before) and 'V/S' is not moving. From that on there is no change any more and dP increases into the yellow part (depending on final CRZ ALT). Once I thought it might be related to the sequence of closing the doors and pushback (GSX) or missing some actions with fs2crew while preparing the pushback, but I found no consistent answer. It's there on less than 1 out of 10 flights, not related to the actual scenery or airport elevation or else, and I can not reproduce it, but I could start logging (which one ?) and could give you the logs when it happens again. Best regards, Tom
  9. Check the data in aircraft.cfg, especially 'model' : I have 'model = SD3' for the Condor and everything is OK! I have seen these 'black' models with the smaller busses and everytime 'model' was wrong... Best regards, Tom
  10. This thing is weird... I do have the findings mentioned above: no shutdown sound most of the time after a completed flight, but always when starting from a saved situation in flight (engines running) or even when shutting down the engines right before taxi. Since initial release of the Pro version I did many re-installs (including windows os and all p3d components) and this never changed. It is only a minor inconvenience to me, I do love the busses and fly them almost every day, but I do wonder what the cause of this might be... Best regards, Tom
  11. 5850x1080 is a perfectly well setting if you use 3 Monitors with NVIDIA surround and 'bezel correction' as I do (nevertheless I would not use 'wide-view Aspect ratio' with this, but thats OT...). The GTX 1080 is very capable of driving this as long as your CPU is in the same class like 7700K OC or above. Your settings in the 'world' options are a little bit on the high side if you want to stay above the 'hard' 18fps threshold even with resource consuming add-ons like ORBX, ASP4 and AS EGLL or EDDF, but this has nothing to do with your problem... For me this lookes like a 'failed' installation, so have you checked (when you install): - AV scanner is of - reboot after initial instal of A330 - reboot after final update (experimental!) with the updater Another idea is to use DDU in order to get completely rid of the NVIDIA stuff and install this again from scratch without retaining any mods... As said above I have a similar installation with the latest NVIDIA driver and it works perfect ! Best regards, Tom
  12. sorry, my mistake: since i started installing liveries and do always backup aircraft.cfg.backup is already overwritten... but i remember that [FLTSIM.1] DRAGON AIR was there again as [FLTSIM.13] DRAGON AIR removing that entry solved the message (which is only a message, so the A330 run fine even with that message...). And i do have more Aerosoft products so the updater was already there in the current version prior to the installation of the A330. Regards, Tom
  13. Happend to me as well, was easily fixed in aircraft.cfg - how it happend: install actual download for the first time - reboot run updater -> - reboot run p3d and load A330... there it is ! I retained the 'original' aircraft.cfg before fixing it so I can email it if required. Regards, Tom
  14. I believe this is a 'out of sequence' trigger problem for the AI Baro settings: if your transition altitude is 10.000 feet (as in Austria) and you set your cruising altitude below at 9.000 feet (doing a short 'go around' at LOWG for example) the initial trigger for setting Baro to STD will not be there, but after initiating descent the second one (STD to actual ) is there... so after landing the AI FO will repeat the message "set baro reference..." several times. And if transition altitude is the same as the cruising alt (for example FL100 in Austria) in addition the sequence for the cabin signs gets disturbed and you may end up with the cabin signs 'toggling' forever... I know this is an 'artificial' situation, I just searched for an answer to the OPs question. Tested with 4.5 HF1 and AS on all models. Tom
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