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  1. Uff, how long will be these two months... Amazing pics. Regards. Miquel.
  2. Fantastic news and prices, as usual. Thanks, Aerosoft. Miquel.
  3. Hi Dave, does it mean that we'll have another update (experimental or not? before the A330? This issue , also happens to me and the t/d diving at the beginnig. Thanks. Miquel.
  4. Speed and climb, are normal? Same specs with CFM is more powerful, from the take off roll to speed and climb rate. But if this is normal, sorry for the confusión. All the other models are similar at take-off. Only the A320 IAE has this behaviour. I took a pic with same conditions aprox with CFM Best. Miquel.
  5. Hi, in my case , it´s even worst than 1.2.50 with the A320 IAE at take-off. Best. Miquel.
  6. Hi Mathijs, any hope for the wekend? I love the bus, the only important issue to me is the underpowered take-off with the A320 IAE. Best. Miquel.
  7. HI, Will the experimental update be avalaible this week? Thanks. Miquel.
  8. La Habana (MUHA), now. Test it. Miquel.
  9. Hi, this is the panel. Best. Miquel.
  10. Hi, I have AS and it works with the bus in real weather. Took this capture this afternoon bound to LFPG. Best. Miquel.
  11. Hi Dave. Seems that no version today... Best. Miquel.
  12. Thanks, Mathijs. Best. Miquel.
  13. Hi Mathijs, can we expect the new experimental update this week? Thanks in advance. Miquel.
  14. Hi, the 3 click sounds emited when the landing capability becomes degraded are also missing. Best. Miquel.
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