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  1. miquelpp

    Blue arrow in heading mode

    Hi Mathijs, you are right, the other developer hasn´t implemented it yet. Best. Miquel.
  2. Yes, that's it. Thanks. Miquel.
  3. I did two tests with IAE and CFM. The IAE looks good. The CFM climbs at 5OOO-5500 fpm with 169 pax and 57 % of fuel.... Best. Miquel. Hi, second test, 4700. Is this normal?
  4. miquelpp

    Loss of power combination topic

    Ho, clean installation of p3d (client) and only a320-21. Second question, no way to recover.. Thanks in advance. Best. Miquel.
  5. miquelpp

    Midflight loss of engines

    In my case , it´s just after takeoff , whith both engines and models (A320-321). In versión was already present. Best. Miquel.