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SRS not engaging


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After departure, I noticed the SRS not active.  At about 200' agl, I put the A320 on AP 1.  The aircraft slowly pitched up and activated TOGA LOCK .  The auto thrust system seemed ok after passing the Thrust Reduction/ ACL altitude.  Has anyone else had this problem?





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The SRS mode engages automatically when the thrust levers are set to the TOGA or FLX/MCT detent (when a Flex takeoff temperature or Derated takeoff@ has been selected), providing:

  • V2 has been inserted in the MCDU PERF TAKEOFF page

  • The slats are extended

  • The aircraft has been on ground for at least 30 s.

  • SRS mode, the aircraft maintains a speed target equal to V2+10 kt in normal engine configuration. When the FMGS detects an engine failure, the speed target becomes the highest of V2 or current speed, limited by V2+15 kt.

    The SRS guidance law also includes:

  • Attitude protection to reduce aircraft nose-up effect during takeoff (18 ° or 22.5 ° maximum in case of windshear)

  • Flight path angle protection that ensures a minimum vertical speed of 120 ft/min


    If during takeoff the flight crew inadvertently sets an altitude on the FCU below the current altitude, the aircraft will remain in SRSmode unless the flight crew engages V/S mode.

  • A speed protection limiting the target speed to V2+15 kt.

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