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  1. Thanks for clarify. But my original question was that during preparation CL this button is pressed ON. I cannot find the moment in the checklists when it is turned off.
  2. Hi thank you. I was referring to "elec pump" push button. It has only on and off position
  3. Hi, waiting for more expert people, i have just two questions. Do you have an updated Airac intalled in your Mcdu? Did you check for any plan discontinuity in f-plan page?
  4. Thank you for your reply. But what is the procedure during a selected/selected NPA? Should I press aprr button as well?
  5. Hi, when I turn on the switch "ann lt" to Test, I discovered a red light indicator on PFD that normally I don't see on during autoland. When it comes on? Thanks!
  6. Hi, during NPA I have the following issue. When I press trk button on FCU and I select the glide angle, I read FPA xx° on PFD - ok it's right. But as I pass through a previous displayed altitude in FCU (ie 3000 ft) the PFD indication changes to ALT●. I need to press for level off and select again the path angle to have back FPA xx°. Is it a correct behaviour? Thanks for comments about!
  7. Hi, I'm using CumulusX! in FSX (Sp2), in Win10, with Steve's DX10 fixer. I have vertical jitters problems in outside view. In the Help file, a solution is proposed as a DLL package to be downloaded from Authors website: but on this website I cannot find the download link to test the new DLL package. Can someone help me? Thanks!
  8. Hi, not sure if I understood, but Loc button follows only horizontal navigation by a Localizer signal. To have a descending glide slope you need to press Appr button (by ILS signal).
  9. Hi I have just bought ASK21 for Fsx sp2. Everythingis ok except I can't modulate the vario sound on C4 computer. I have no sound at 0 (ok) and full sound from 5 to 100 value
  10. Ok thanks! I have just found tha you have ASK21 as well. So what is the best to make pleasant flights in Fsx?
  11. Probably because FPS drops below 10 and the plane flight is pretty unstable under those values (due to fly by wire system variables communication I guess)
  12. Hi, I'm going to buy one of the two Aerosoft's gliders. What are the differences between Discus X and Discus K? Except price. I use FSX-Sp2 on Win 10 (notebook) Thank you
  13. Hi, I get occasional CTD (I would say 50% of cases) when I accept a f-plan modification after I choose a STAR. When it happens, it's always after I have inserted a STAR, deleted a discontinity, and I get CTD when I click to accept the modification. I realized that I will have a CTD when in the f-plan accept/erase page I cannot see the waypoints displayed (in orange). I don't think it is related to the airport, it happened at LIRF and LIMJ. I have FSX-Sp2, A320/321 v1.31. Win 10. Cycle updated to 1912. Thanks for any help!
  14. Thank you for all of your comments! I also realized that A321 changed its engines from 30000 to 33000 lbf during the time, so the performances comments that I found maybe were related to different engines installations. Aerosoft's aircraft.cfg is at 33000 lbf; in case I could derate this value just a little bit. So I have just a last question: considering an equal TOW (and same engines), does the real A320 and A321 climbing optimal performance become almost similar? Thanks
  15. Ok thank you! Is there any way to adjust some aircraft.cfg or airfile parameters to achieve it?
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