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  1. Yes I have a non precision approach (npa) paragraph in the last part of my step by step guide. What airbus version you have? Mine is v1.31 (Fsx) You get an energy circle in navigation display if you choose a selected/selected RNAV. Otherwise you need to follow the Vdev diamond on PFD display. Normally you can get the path angle in the airport charts, as far i know there isn't the angle information in Mcdu.
  2. Yes RNAV is modelled. I get VDev magenda diamond on PFD when following this kind of approach after D waypoint activation. I also switch to Trk on FCU. Are you sure that you follow all the step by step guide passages?
  3. Ok, so no way to insert a wpy or a circle? Is it the same as in real Airbus?
  4. Hi, how I could modify my F-plan to follow in managed a circling approach? I.e. LIMJ, I get Rwy 10 by ATC that doesn't have approaches loaded in my database. What I normally do is a manual circling approach by arriving on Rwy 28. But by MCDU programming?
  5. Hi are you using some control hardware? Did you use a weather engine during that? Do you have FSUIPC installed?
  6. Yes it's an adapting system. I.e. my extra fuel Mcdu's calculation goes always negative at first but after a while it displays the correct value
  7. Hi, I'd like add a new functionality in the ATC comm page that is not operative in my FSX A320 v1.31. I'd like add the possibility to retrieve a short message about ATIS/arrival airport weather just by inserting arrival ICAO. Is it a crazy idea or could be feasible by xml coding? Thank you
  8. There is an Aerosoft's folder in your pc Documents folder
  9. You can also download the entire flight plan (links are in the Areosoft planner software that comes with installation) and load it into Mcdu without inserting waypoint by waypoint
  10. Is it your installation outside Program Files folder? It should
  11. Hi, I have just tested in a flight. Condition #1 Clear sky (no external weather software), 1013 mb. BARO knob: Std 28000 ft selected in FMC 28000 ft reading in PFD 28000 ft of altitude in shift+z info Fsx's ATC confirmed my FL at 28000. Condition #2 Cloudy sky (by FSXWX freeware weather software), 1005 mb BARO knob: Std 28000 ft selected in FMC 28000 ft reading in PFD 27750 ft of altitude in shift+z info Fsx's ATC told me that my FL was 277. But if I changed to 1006 mb (the closest ground weather station), I got 27750 on my PFD. So the apparent discrepancy was because I was in Std (thus always 1013 mb). So to me there are not issue, at least in my airbus installation.
  12. Yes but if the sim tells you that there are no discrepancies between FMC reading and your actual altitude by shift+z..... so what i could guess is that on-line ATC is wrong for some reason
  13. If you press "Shift + Z", you get several informations about your speed, altitude, heading, wind, your position, screen frame rate (press several time to cycle them)... in the upper left corner of your monitor. As these informations come from the internal sim values, they are just correct. So you can compare them with what you see on your FMC and assess for discrepances eventually.
  14. Hi did you check the accordance of your FMC altitude against what you read in the info by pressing shift+z ?
  15. Did you change barometer knob to Standard in the FMC at transition altitude?
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