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[LEIB Ibiza] ILS frequency not filled automatically in MCDU


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I created a flight to Ibiza including the ILS24 approach. In the default scenery (and also other 3rd party scenery) you see the ILS frequency automatically filled in the NAV/RAD page of the MCDU (in my case using the A320)... With Ibiza this is not working, you will need to look up the frequency in the charts and fill it manually.


Can this please be adjusted in a next update?

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This is a well known issue in the Community around the A320neo, Asobo version as well as Fly-by-wire version. You have to give in the frequency manually, without the rwy identification ahead. We assume it is a internal MCDU issue, not a Navdata problem from the Navigraph beta data. We have also similar problem with the STAR + ILS creation on the ND.

Having said this, this topic is not an Aerosoft/Airport topic and belong therefore in other forums (Microsoft Zendesk).



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