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Printing OFP in horizontal format?

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Hi all,

I´ve a question about the printing format from an OFP.
In my actual company we are using our OFP in a horizontal format, so I created a template according to ours (see picture)




I need to say that this is not as accurate as I would like to have it, because I was forced to reduce it in width, which wasn´t enought at all...
So I´m wondering if you guys maybe have a hint for me, how to "force" the print out to horizontal, to fit all on one page.

At the moment my print outs are looking like following (see picture)



There is even no one entry after "printing", all the other pages (58 in total for this OFP) are emtpy! and I
want to get rid of this "privided box", or manipulate itm like the way I need it.

I hope you have any ideas !?




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There is a way out.


As I print on listing paper and it cannot be done within PFPX I just copy the OFP and paste it on Microsoft Office Word and choose the printing that I like. I suppose it could be done with some other program like Open Office.


So you can do the same and choose the landscape format. Something like the enclosed.





FLIGHT NO EIN 5487.docx

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Cheeers JP,


to be honest, I did already the same :)
My "flight log" template is a word file, prepared so that I just need to copy & paste, like you said.

I mean, of course it´s more or less impossible to meet all user request to gain a log which is has the layout from xx airline, etc. but some more options for printing would be very nice.

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I found that I was still working with V1.28 (there was no update available showing to me)...anyway, now I´m running on V2.03 and it´s great!

Just still the issue with me OFP :) So, if here are some dev. reading in the Forum, I would be happy to get some more print options within the next update.

My Nav Log is horizontal, so I wish I could print it like that too....for the moment I´m doing it like JP (see above) and copy & paste it into a Word file to have it the in format I´m used to.


Just an Idea, don´t know if this is possible !?

At the moment the flight plan template is just printing out, what is shown after computing the flight.

If there were be an option to divide it into seperate pages e.g. Cover->(Briefing package) page 1, then the followed by page 2 until xx (end of Nav Log), page xx to xx performance, page xx to xx, etc.... and to add an additional "printing orientation" which is editable in the flightplan template, it would be editable the user.
Like I said...just some thoughts I do have :)

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