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  1. ,20201204070710.pdf Hi everybody, I got PFPX at the beginning and I am very happy with this program costing around 50 € - US$. I know there are few things which could be improved but not much. I think Christian made a slight mistake in linking his program to the Flight Simulator as we have FSX, Prepar 3d v4 and now v5, X Plane, MFSF 2020,etc and everybody wants its favourite plane linked to PFPX to enter the Fuel, the route, etc. If PFPX is used as a standalone program, it works absolutely fine and, by the way, I am not sure that now (in RL) the
  2. I know that we have ways around this server problem but it is a bit ennoying to have it again. Try this : https://www.aviationweather.gov/metar/data?ids=loww lowi&format=raw&hours=0&taf=on&layout=on JP
  3. Same here. Winds aloft and TAFs are OK but no METARs.
  4. Same here. WAFC London working as well as NOAA.
  5. Hi, There is a way out. As I print on listing paper and it cannot be done within PFPX I just copy the OFP and paste it on Microsoft Office Word and choose the printing that I like. I suppose it could be done with some other program like Open Office. So you can do the same and choose the landscape format. Something like the enclosed. Regards, JP FLIGHT NO EIN 5487.docx
  6. Hi, There are few ways around. Some NOAA servers are working. If you get a program like Zygrib you have the winds aloft for 850 / 700 / 500 / 300 mb and then you enter the wind manually in PFPX. Of course you still have the old charts and they give you wind and temperature and again you have to enter the data yourself. We used to fly with these charts and we found that it was quite alright. Anyway we did not have anything else. OK, a computerized program like PFPX (when working) is much faster and probably more accurate but if we cannot get the computer to work we
  7. The NOAA Gribs are available today 16h42'24" GMT.
  8. Hello, I would like to have it removed as well when it is not needed especially when you fly short commuter legs. Thanks and regards, JP
  9. Hi Julian, A bit of topic but you can get RW FPLs for routes in the USA and to and from the USA. From Flightaware the KSFO EDDM would be : SNTNA2 ORRCA Q120 GALLI PARZZ Q121 PIH DIK HML J515 ZOMTA 5500N/08800W IRLAV JELCO GRIBS LIBOR 6300N/05000W 6300N/04000W 6300N/03000W 6300N/02000W 6200N/01000W GUNPA LINVI ATTUS ABGUS ALOSO T703 LULAR T105 EXUSI Of course this route could change with the tracks but it could help for planning. Regards, JP
  10. Hello Carl, I have never heard of such a feature on an OFP and it would not be realistic to have the ETA printed in advance for each WP. Stephen is right as you would not know the exact TOFF time due to operational reasons or ATC constraints. There is also lot of information to consider. When the OFP is printed and given to you by the OPS all the calculations have been done with known informations at the time of computing the OFP and wind, temperature, speed, FL, route, SID and STAR could be different when you start your flight as you may get a direct to a W
  11. Hello, Regarding the weight, I agree with Netshadoe as I raised this point at few occasions and quite a long time ago and it has never been fixed. I use PFPX winds to plan and AS16 to fly and I would say that the results are quite good bearing in mind that PFPX is valid during the forecast and when you are flying you are getting (more or less with the sim) the actual winds. I never use historical weather. Recently I flew the ATW in 80 days with Aerosoft and in just about 80 hours of flying time with the Majestic Q400, PFPX gave me 57457 Kg of fuel planned an
  12. Hello Guy, Some time ago someone requested the performance charts for the DC3. As I was lucky enough to fly them quite a while ago I posted the tables on this forum but I am not sure if it was done. Anyway I have the documents and if you need them I'll post them to you if you give me an email or I can put them on Dropbox. Of course you would have to enter the figures in PFPX templates to make your own. Please note that it is in French (quite easy to understand) in Litres and for DC3 MAXIMIZER which was 12T700 toff and 12T200 Ldg. Slightly different than the original cla
  13. Thank you Jon, Regarding the Q400 you did a good job with the possibilities of entering different climbs, cruise and descent. regards, JP
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