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  1. Some very interesting new features. Good work worth waiting.
  2. Good news for the lucky parents and for the flight simmer community. Congratulations to you both. JP
  3. There is a simple way to have this SID right. The distance between SPA to ATV when taking off Rwy 03R via D12 SPA being 28 Nm you just enter this distance in CIRCUIT OUT and it is taken into account when planning. JP
  4. Hello, Regarding the weight, I agree with Netshadoe as I raised this point at few occasions and quite a long time ago and it has never been fixed. I use PFPX winds to plan and AS16 to fly and I would say that the results are quite good bearing in mind that PFPX is valid during the forecast and when you are flying you are getting (more or less with the sim) the actual winds. I never use historical weather. Recently I flew the ATW in 80 days with Aerosoft and in just about 80 hours of flying time with the Majestic Q400, PFPX gave me 57457 Kg of fuel planned and I used 56077 which is as good as it can get. Finally, back in the sixties, if we had such a tool as PFPX we would have been more than happy instead of doing everything by hand. OK, there are some little things to correct with PFPX but altogether a very nice planning tool. JP
  5. Hello Philippe, Here are the two FPLs. The weather was PFPX to plan and AS16 in flight which were nealy the same as you can see from my notes. I would not consider this as an issue but just noted as a bit strange. Interesting point was on these FPLs the wind was exactly on the axis of the aircraft which does not happen every flight, it is why In thought it could be from a calculation method. Regards, JP KCYS-KPIA.pdf KEWR-CYYR.pdf
  6. Hello all, I just found that on two different OFPs done during the last ATW in 80 days. It is not much a problem as it does not affect the performance but a bit strange to have a wind component stronger than the wind. May be due to a sine/cosine calculation? Regards, JP
  7. Hello James, In case of we do not meet in the Waldorf, Cheers Regards, JP
  8. Last leg from Cork to Southend (EICK / EGMC) The weather was not looking too good with this Anticyclone over Europe but we have to go to finish the trip Nearly ready to start Then taxi to Rwy 17 Rotate Maintaining 5000' during the SID just above the stratus Dublin below Then Liverpool on the other side of the Irish sea Beginning of the STAR SPEAR 2L Nearly ready to GA and suddenly the approach lights The gate where we departed 80 days ago Deboarding at EGMC Gate 7 In case of I cannot make it to the Waldorf Hilton, cheers A similar picture some 45 years ago but there you cannot see the Paddy bottle. The good stuff is already gone inside This ATW tour is finished now and I enjoyed every bit of it. The Majestic Q400 was perfect. PFPX very precise and the difference of fuel just around 2.5% in just less than 80 ... not days but hours. Enclosed is the last log and flying documents for this leg and also a table with the distance, time, fuel. Cheers my fellow flyers, we'll meet again. JP ATW #28 EICK - EGMC.pdf ATW 80 DAYS.xlsx
  9. Wednesday the 20th December, time to move from Keflavik to Cork (BIKF / EICK) and looking at the METAR and TAF not a good idea to go to Cork but I have to go there in remembrance of the old flying days. Starting to board at 07.45 (GMT) A bit of snow on the taxiway Then lined upon 29, ready to go Waiting for quite a while to see a bit of sunrise The weather quite good so far Not a single cloud over the Atlantic A good bit of drift Over Ireland we see some lakes around Athlone 60 Nm to go Then the Kerry mountains just above the stratus The question was with the RVR Rwy17 650 m, Fog, sct 100' and Bkn 200', do we divert now or do we go down and have a look. Quite accustomed to that type of weather in Cork, we decided to have a go and with the 2 ILS set pilot and co-pilot CATII our minima was 100'. At 110' ready for the GA just saw the Rwy. Pity that the lights are not on with FSX. It would have been a good help. And we went to our usual stand One last leg to go and the ATW in 80 days shall be done. Enclosed plog, weather, TOLD. JP ATW #27 BIKF - EICK.pdf
  10. Well done James, Just on time but you'll have to wait a bit longer for the drink as I am still in Cork and planning to move at 08.15 this morning. Yesterday the Keflavik Cork was OK until the landing in Cork. Still the same since decades, bad weather and seeing the runway at the minima. Anyway you gave me an idea and I'll go from Cork to Southend via Dublin and Liverpool but I will not touch and go on the way. Still High pressure over all Western Europe and fog with low ceiling so I just hope to land safely in EGMC. I let you know when I'll be at the Waldorf. JP
  11. On Sunday the 17th, from BGBW to BIKF. Forecast not too nice with icing and turbulence but what can we expect at that time of the year. I was expecting to do the ATW in 25 legs but in fact it would be 28 legs as I wanted to visit the Bay of Halong and on the way back a stop in Cork (EICK) as I was based there for quite sometime in the 70s and 80s and I had lot of fun there. Starting to board in NARSARSUAQ around 1215 (GMT) as the daylight there does not last long in December Again we have to ask for ice treatment due to the weather Usually the take off should be on Rwy 24 but with a 20 Kt tailwind it was outside the aircraft possibilities so, as there was a good visibility and a 10 000' ceiling we decided to take off on 06. The load was so light (only 22T) that we climbed out very quickly over the mountains And reached FL250 in no time Leaving the Greenland coast behind us At this time of the year the lighting is quite nice The cruise was very smooth but when we started our descent the weather deterioted as forecasted and we had to switch on the storm lights CBs everywhere Finally Iceland in sight Final Rwy 28 KEFLAVIK Deboarding Enclosed the flight documents JP ATW #26 BGBW - BIKF.pdf
  12. Hello James, You did well with the 767 when I was struggling with the Q400 in snow and icing. I was quite lucky in Narsarsuark as it was quite clear weather and still daytime with a quite tricky approach. I moved already to Iceland and next leg to Cork. The Q400 is quite a complex aircraft, not logical compared to the ATR but when you get used to her she is very nice to fly and very well modelled by Majestic. In the sim I do not want to fly anything else so far. See you, JP
  13. Friday 15th December from GOOSE BAY to NARSARSUAQ (CYYR / BGBW). There are not much alternates available in Greenland so we choose KANGERLUSSAQ (BGSF) and we took 01h30 of extra fuel in case of something goes wrong at BGBW to hold there as the weather forecast was quite allright for this time of the year. The only problem is that most of the procedures have to be done in daylight (12h13 - 30 mn to 17h43 + 30 minutes GMT) which does not give much latitude. We started to board at GOOSE BAY slightly before 1400 GMT The snow started to accumulate on the plane We had to ask for a treatment A soon as it was done we ask for pushback Cimbing in icing conditions Then finally at our cruising level 250 we were above the clouds quite confortably Nothing to mention during the cruise and we started our descent The first islands in sight The environment does not look too friendly in cas of emergency landing We managed to be on the ground just on time before sunset Then deboarding at NARSARSUAK The approach there is quite special and you have to follow exactly the procedure due to the mountains everywhere. Quite an interesting experience. I had a friend of mine who landed there few years ago when he ferried a F27 across the Atlantic and he confirmed it was not a piece of cake. Enclosed the Flight Logs and all documents. JP ATW #25 - CYYR BGBW.pdf
  14. Hello James, Nice to see you are going to visit me at Cork Airport. I'll get you a Paddy at the bar where I have been a very good customer at a time that we could fly not too sober when taking off (that's finished now). By the way Cobh is quite few miles away and it was the place of departure for the immigrants and was the last call for the TITANIC. It has been called Queenstown for a while but nowadays it's known only as Cobh (meaning and pronounced Cove). I already started leaving NY to GOOSE BAY. Have a nice flight with your 767. Regards, JP
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