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  1. I have been grounded since February 2nd due to some illness and also a crash of my Flightsim PC. I lost all the screens that I was going to post but now I am back, a bit late on the schedule, but it should be OK to be on time in KSFO. I hope to be in Yokohama late today after a flight from RCSS - RJKA this morning (GMT Time). Very pleasant surprise on this morning leg, over 100 Kt tailwind:
  2. Hi, I completely change the plans and instead of going direct to Calcutta and with only one stop for refuelling, I went towards the South : VABB - VOGO - VOCI - VOBZ - VECC. The idea of stopping in GOA and COCHIN was to pay a tribute to the "Calcutta Light Horse". If you never heard of what they did during the second Workd War, please follow this link: https://warfarehistorynetwork.com/2015/11/30/the-daring-calcutta-light-horse-raid/ A film was also made relating this event starring Gregory Peck, Roger Moore, David Niven, Trevor Howard, and many more, The Sea Wolves: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Sea_Wolves Anyway, back to flying. Nothing special to mention, except always haze most of the time. Some pictures: Lining up before take off from BOMBAY The following day, taking off from GOA En route to COCHIN Descent towards COCHIN Approaching COCHIN Then, the following day, leaving COCHIN Just a quichkefuelling and again we go from VOBZ at night time En route to Calcutta Overflying the huge City of Calcutta before landing The plans are already made to go to Hong Kong: VECC - VYYY - VTSP - WIDD - VVCT - VVDN - VHHH. Over 3000 Nm following the coast all the way. We should start about the 19th and we'll have plenty of time to reach VHHH before the 31st January.
  3. To #pa4tim Hi, Yes, I totally agree with you. A fantastic job done by Majestic, reproducing every feature of this plane. I do not fly anything else in p3dv5 now. Have a safe journey, JP
  4. We were not thinking to stay too long in Aden but we did not have the choice due to some maintenance work which had to be done. Then we went to Salalah (OOSA), refuelling and en route to Karachi. All the way from Aden to Bombay, Haze all the time. Downwind 25L Karachi Then final RNP 25L Karachi Again refuelling and departink to Bombay. Leaving the Pakistan airspace and entering the Indian airspace Abeam Rwy 27 in Mumbai, very hazy Final 27 Mumbai And stop at the gate. The trip to Bombay (Mumbai) is completed. Next: Bombay to Clacutta between the 14th and 17th January. We have to plan a stop for refuelling between the two airports but we did not made out our minds yet. Regards, JP
  5. So to be on time in Bombay, we decided to start early on the first day of the year. Trying to avoid too long flights we broke this long journey into five legs : HEPS - OEYN OEYN - OYAA OYAA - OOSA OOSA - OPKC OPKC - VABB As far as we move towards the East, the days are getting shorter if we keep GMT time.; taking off from Port Said at 13:32 we land in Yenbo, Saudi Arabia at 15:46 and it is already night. After taking off from Port Said we are FL250 over Cairo Still a bit cloudy on the way Then the sun going down Yenbo in sight, RNP 28 At the gate Yenbo On the second day of January 2022, sarting early 0647 GMT leaving the gate on route to Aden. Some problems with the tiller and we took off finally at 0710. Again quite cloudy over Jeddah Same from the cockpit No weather information over Yemen so we had to rely on some other stations (OEGN - OESH) to get an average wind and the QNH Descending towards Aden We finally did a VOR DME 26 and got there safely. Next stop Salalah in Oman.
  6. Torino to Brindisi was quite a nice flight without problem. I am planning with PFPX and it is very good as between the foracasted wind and the real wind there were only few degrees and few knots difference. What I find amazing is how this planning tool is so good. From block to block it lasted 01:55 FL250 and the difference between the fuel planned and the fuel used was exactly 8 Kg. The next flight from Brindisi to Port Said was a total of 03:10 FL250. There the difference was only 25 Kg. It was so quite between Brindisi and Port Said that I had sometime to take some pictures during the flight. This one is over KER (Kerkira VOR) but unfortunately we could not see much of the ground / sea due to haze and cloud cover. Reaching the Egyptian coast over the NOZ VOR (Alexandria), turning towards Port Said. Then the sky was getting clearer and we could see Port Said, going for a straight to Rwy 10. That way we avoided to go overhead PSD VOR doing a full procedure which would have taken 15 minutes more to complete and the leg was already long enough for my old body. Then finally on the stand in Port Said, getting some rest before the next trip to Mumbai and we'll see how many legs to plan to reach India. That's all for know, wishing you all an Happy New Year and Godspeed to all of you flying this long adventure. JP
  7. Not a very long leg from Paris to Torino. Next to Brindisi. JP
  8. Finally, that's it. After few days in London to prepare the aircraft we managed to leave towards Paris with some problems with the autopilot to maintain the FL and also the climb and the descent were not as described in the books. In Paris we called our good friend Simeon from Majestic and the problem was solved in no time. To morrow we should head to Torino. Cheers, JP
  9. Hi Mathijs, When I was flying, we were saying 10 metres! Regards, JP
  10. Hello again, In 2017, December 21st, it ended badly in the Waldorf Hilton due to some people (including myself) who started to celebrate as soon as we reached the arrival gate in London: Now, as been an Honorable member of the Reform Club I'll try to behave and stop drinking in the cockpit. The flight shall be done only with the Majestic Q400 with p3dv5 and planning with PFPX. The beginning of the trip: EGKK - LFPB SFD4Z SFD M605 PETAX J150 VELOL VELO9W LFPB - LIMF PILU5F PILUL DCT MOKIP UL612 MILPA UM135 LURAG M135 VEROB VERO3B LIMF - LIBR TOP7B GEN M730 ANC M736 PES Q920 VIE L612 DOLON DOLO2R LIBR - HEPS TROT6G TROTA DCT KRK UA14 ARA UL612 SIT UL607 PAXIS A727 NOZ V604 PSD I should start soon to be in Port Said on time.
  11. Hi, Apparently it works: LKPR 210730Z 23009KT 8000 SCT009 OVC016 03/02 Q1011 NOSIG LKPR 210500Z 2106/2212 23010KT 9999 BKN018 TEMPO 2106/2108 BKN012 PROB30 TEMPO 2106/2108 4000 BR BKN007 TEMPO 2108/2115 SCT030 TEMPO 2200/2202 -RA BKN012 BECMG 2202/2204 36010KT 4000 RA BR BKN007 TEMPO 2204/2212 2000 RA BR BKN004 PROB30 TEMPO 2204/2212 1200 RA BR BKN002 JP
  12. Unfortunately, same with me. I checked and the NOAA servers are OK. It looks like a PFPX problem.
  13. Hi, There is a difference between significant weather charts, SIGWX: https://aviation.meteo.fr/affiche_image.php?time=1620745520&type=sigwx/uk/smpz_eur&date=20210511180000&mode=img&comment= and SIGMET (SIGnificant METeorological Information): https://www.aviationweather.gov/sigmet With PFPX it shows on the map the SIGMET but not the SIGWX. SIGMETs are only for dangerous phenomenas forecasted or observed (turbulence, icing, CBs). The SIGMETs (if any) are given by the weather center like Shannon, Gander, New York in plain language every 30 minutes on HF frequencies and I believe nowadays by computerized transmissions. Regards, JP
  14. As mentioned in another post, this link for all the world: https://www.aviationweather.gov/metar/data?ids=egac+egcc+eggd&format=raw&date=&hours=0&taf=on
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