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  1. I never said I was an expert. Don't start assuming things. You're missing the point. I just wanted to add some ideas to the table because there hasn't been any significant changes in PFPX for quite some time now. I feel like it's missing its charm. I mentioned that others have this feature because if they can do it, then why can't PFPX?
  2. There's alternatives to mapping services out there, other moving map apps use them. Google isn't the only one.
  3. I already know PFPX has a moving map, but it can be done better. It's very basic right now. I mentioned in my post on how the moving map feature could be further improved upon.
  4. I did mention some of the things I would like see added: Nightmode (where it inverses the color, check out Navigraph Charts or the new Aivlasoft EFB v2) It makes thing dark and easier to look at during the night. Have TOPCAT builtin for performance calculations Refine the User Interface and make it cleaner and simplified, modern UI design. It looks outdated. Incorporate an EFB feature where you can use it as a PDF viewer to load up documents, charts, etc. Moving map of our plane in relation to the world, and have different types of maps/terrains selectable by the user, Such as satellite, google maps, terrain, etc. SID/STAR features like in Aivlasoft EFB. Those are just some ideas. I would love to have 1 app that does this rather than buying numerous apps. Thanks to know that development is still going on, but can we get some news on whats being improved or worked on at least? Instead of leaving the customers in the dark like this. It would be nice.
  5. When PFPX was first announced it was a wonderful tool for the flight sim community, but it seems to be like things have been so stagnant over the past year or so with just minor updates which include mainly bug fixes. I want to know or hear from the developer(s) of PFPX are we going to get any updates that will add more features, improve things, perhaps have different versions of PFPX for other platforms such as Mac, iPad, etc? Would be great if we can get some news or updates regarding this. I hope PFPX isn't dead. I would love to see a night mode perhaps and the incorporation of an EFB built in and perhaps a GUI overhaul so that it looks a bit more clean and modern.
  6. Nice, didn't notice that! But the default flight plan path for the QW787 is missing another folder it should be <P3D>\QualityWings\QW787\FlightPlans
  7. The 787 has been out for awhile on FSX and now P3D, would you please consider adding a dedicated option to export the flight plans into the proper folders so that the 787 can pick them up.
  8. Thanks, I used a method that I found on the internet, and that was to: In PFPX following the release of your flight plan you will see a "print flight plan" option, if you click it, you should see in the available list of printers: FlightSimLabs AOC Uplink -8080-300-NAV1610001 (or words to that effect). After I did that, the flight plan automatically loaded into my MCDU! Wow, it was that quick and easy. I didn't have to do anything else.
  9. I am using the latest PFPX 1.28.9i with hotfix and I cannot find how to export the route to FSLabs A320 for P3D v4.1? Can someone please tell me how to set this up so that I can properly load my flight plan from the plane?
  10. Cloudster

    PFPX and P3D v4 support

    When can we expect to see the next release? It's been awhile.
  11. Not sure why this crashes PFPX everytime I try to change the Cost Index field. I am using version 1.28.8 with the latest hotfix.
  12. When creating a flight plan with SID/STAR, and then going to export it out for Aerosoft AIRBUS, FSLabs A320, PMDG 737/747/777, will it include the SID/STAR as well? When I loaded the flightplan into the PMDG 747, I didn't see any SID/STAR. If this is a bug, or not a feature of PFPX, could you please include it in the next release to also have the SID/STAR information when exporting your flightplans.
  13. I am using a PMDG 747 v3 with P3D v4, under PFPX export options, there are nothing specific for PMDG 747. So should I choose PMDG Simulations RT2 or RTE?
  14. I use to remember that there use to be a way to update the nav database for topcat. But the latest navigraph 1706 cycles doesn't seem to offer it anymore. Does anyone know how to manually update topcat?
  15. Will there be a new version that will support the new P3D v4? I am referring to exporting to the correct P3D v4 directories.