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  1. PFPX seems irrelevant these days as simbrief is the better choice now that it has navigraph integration and since it works on a browser, you can plan your flights from practically any device and anywhere.
  2. What a disgrace from these developers. This update is useless and didn't even add official support for MSFS. The lack of communication with their customers is an absolute shame. What is so difficult about giving us some sort of news so that we know if there's a future road map or not. Oh well, I give up. Doesn't seem like they care at all.
  3. Well thats all fine and dandy for you. But for other customers like myself, I would like to see improvements and official support for MSFS. A good developer would answer our questions and at least give us some sort of information on the status of their software. I'm not talking about the forum is dead. I am referring to the development of PFPX. I would like to hear officially from the dev themselves regarding the status and future of this product.
  4. Yeah, legitimate customers want to know about the future of PFPX a software in which we PAID for, so that makes us a troll? Get real.
  5. Then why is there no communication from the developer? Several of us have asked about the future of PFPX and no response at all. We're not asking about the servers, but for updates.
  6. Thanks Ray for your input. This is sad and so unprofessional. I really wish I never spent my hard earned dollars on this product if I knew it would turn out this way. This is definitely not the way to treat your customers who support you. I am deeply upset and will not spend another penny on future products by this developer and will spread the word to the flight sim community at how unprofessional you are. That's the least I can do.
  7. Seems like PFPX is headed to the grave just as it did with TOPCAT that I found in this thread as well - I'm deeply disappointed with the lack of communication with the customers regarding the future of their products. This is very unprofessional.
  8. I would like to address the developer of PFPX. There has been no significant changes or updates for around 3 years now. As a paying customer, I'd like to know if or when there will be any future plans or updates. MSFS 2020 has been out for 3 months now, and I'd like to see official support for it and not have to use some hacks or tricks to get it to work with it. As expensive as PFPX is. I and others would like to know what's going on. Don't keep your customers in the dark. Thank you.
  9. I'm sorry to say but at this point, I highly doubt we will see any updates or hear from the developer about the future of PFPX. Such a shame that there has been no updates for several years now.
  10. Such a disappointment in updating your customers on whether there's a continued development roadmap or not for PFPX. I wish I never bought the product knowing that it would end up like this. For such an expensive app, we, the customers are in the dark about it's future.
  11. Can PFPX be updated to use the live weather service that is built into MSFS 2020? Meteoblue are the one supplying the weather. If so could PFPX pull the weather information from them?
  12. Has development ceased? Would be nice to hear from the developer on the future of PFPX, if there still is one.
  13. Sigh, are we ever going to hear from the developer regarding updates? I'm upset that there has been a lack of communication to us paying customers. If the development is dead, at least let us know so we can seek for another alternative. This was once the best flight planner for flight simming and now we have SimBrief. But I like PFPX better because it gives us the option to use load our own airac cycle.
  14. I tried this, but when I try to load the plan in the world map, it doesn't show up the file. I double checked to see if it saved and there is definitely a PLN file in there.
  15. It's been nearly 2 months since the release of MSFS 2020 and still no updates to PFPX? Seriously?
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