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  1. Dear PFPX Team, I kindly want to ask, if there are any major updates planned for the near future of this beautiful piece of software? There have been several requests, especially when it come to the Flightbrief outputs, in the past and of course any other things too Just a bit qurious Regards
  2. Well it´s the Forum for the MSFS 2020, so I´m talking about it And I do have the latest version of EDDK, according to the Aerosoft updater:
  3. Dear Team, I just found a bump in the surface, while taxiing to RW24, via A3. When crossing rw 14L/32R into the taxiway D for rw 24, there´s a bump, which makes the plane jumping around. Taxiway B coming from V apron is also a bit bumpy tbh. Not sure if there are plans for a future update, but if so, it would be nice to take this into account Thanks a lot and best regards
  4. Was working for me too a couple of hours ago....
  5. My request is solved! I can´t edit it, so please delete it. Here the source for the CJ4 performance file. https://flightsim.to/file/5645/cessna-citation-cj4-pfpx-aircraft-performance-file At the moment there is a little error in file about the DOM and MFZW in the section [LB]. I informed the creator already to change it, otherwise PFPX will create an error message that the MFZW is lower then the DOM. The correct value in LB for the MFZW is 12359 lbs, just in case you want to change it yourself Cheers
  6. Thanks for the fast reply and this sounds good to me and I guess all the others as well Cheers and Happy new year to all following here.
  7. Hello, first of all I would like to tell you, that I was very happy to see my "home airport" as one of the first beeing released for MSFS, thanks for that. Due to the new technique, SDK and options all develeoper have now, I´m wondering a bit about these floating light balls everywhere. Well this of couse not only releated to this szenery, as it is possible to spot them everywhere in the world of MSFS. I guess these are a kind of light source, which illuminates their surrounding, what is a really a cool thing, but why are they set so random and why is it not possible to put them into lightpoles ? It´s not only that they are floating around, they also appear out of nothing. Here a two sample picuture for a better understanding: First is during daytime and the next when the light appears a bit more zoomed in ( I mean the one between the left light pole and the hanger, just overhead the aircraft). It´s quite clear to see that there´s no lightpole and suddenly there´s this light, floating. Funny is also that somehtimes there are lightpoles, but this lightsource ball is only next to it, so the pole is getting useless Is there a chance to get this fixed in future updates? Cheers
  8. Did a fligth and planning 4 hours ago, no issues...even now, all is working for me
  9. Update V. 2.04 available. I´m not sure if this is the answer most of us are waiting for, but least there is something happening Still waiting for the offical statement about the actual situation to Aerosoft
  10. In the download section for PFPX you´ll find an Excel sheet, it´ll to bring the actual "preffered routes" within the US to the needed format to import them into PFPX. The webadress and how to use it is also mentioned in this document. This will bring you a couple of thousend routes..... As well there is file for Russian routes for non Russian airlines, you can import as well. Most of these routes are outdated, but still about 7000 routes are valid and working with AIRAC 2012. Cheers
  11. Thank you Phil I checked the profile, I already have and all values are according to the books and even more detailed as there are additional values which got inerpolated (which I also x-checked). When I posted my issue here, is was still running on V1.28, because PFPX didn´t showed any update options, but now I´m running the latest V2.03 and so far so good....this error didn´t showed up anymore. I will monitor it and post here, if this error will show up again.
  12. Well, yes.... The FlightPlanTemplate has some more options you can choose from, but is limited to the number of entries. For some field you can just, double, or tripple enter values, which will get filled out by the system by choosing the actual best fitting value into it (like Callsign, Airline, Tailnumber). Temperature is just one fix value e.g. OAT, if you know enter the ISA in the same way behind, or infront the OAT <ISADev>, it will show you both values during cruise, but only should display the actual ISADev during climb out/ descent phase. There is also the option to enter <&TOCTemp> / <&TO_Temperature> / <&LDG_Temperature>, but I assume that these values for TO and LDG only will show you the actual temps at the airport. This is kind of trial and error For me personally (in my own created OFP) works ISADev[0] -> shows actual +/- instead of P/M the best, because I want to know the actual differenz in ISA for performance reasons.
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