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Professional Flight Planner X

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Hello Aerosoft,


To confirm, after the (Professional Flight Planner X) server subscription ends, is it only the Weather Data that won't work?, or will there be anything else missing?


Also, will Active Sky 2016 be an alternative for the weather for (Professional Flight Planner X)?, since I heard from a different source to use Active Sky Next,  so I was not sure which one will work for the weather with (Professional Flight Planner X)



Kind Regards


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There is nothing that will integrate tracks and NOTAMS.


Track information for PACOTS & NAT can be obtained from 'pre-defined queries'  at the FAA , AUSOTS at Air Services Australia  Having switched switched PFPX to manual track entry mode correctly formatted text can be pasted in.


NOTAMS can also be viewed at the FAA site but not entered in PFPX.


Use of external weather programs listed will lead to a loss of forecast over time.

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