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  1. Dear Aerosoft, I am new to the Airbus A321, Is it possible to download different textures for the Airbus A321 or for the A320?, I am trying to find the textures for Jetstar
  2. Hi srcooke, Thanks for the reply, I really appreciate it Is there an alternative software that will be accurate for the online weather, tracks and NOTAM's for Professional Flight Planner X?
  3. Hi Herman, When someone replies to my question, where would I now find the answer?, as you have moved my question to the support area for the product Cheers Gayan
  4. Hello Aerosoft, To confirm, after the (Professional Flight Planner X) server subscription ends, is it only the Weather Data that won't work?, or will there be anything else missing? Also, will Active Sky 2016 be an alternative for the weather for (Professional Flight Planner X)?, since I heard from a different source to use Active Sky Next, so I was not sure which one will work for the weather with (Professional Flight Planner X) Kind Regards Gayan
  5. Hello I need to clarify something, does anyone use (Pro-ATC/X) ?, if so, does (Pro-ATC/X) use only AIRAC Data from NavDataPro?, or does (Pro-ATC/X) use NavDataPro Charts as well? Kind Regards Gayan
  6. Hi Tom A320 Thanks again for the reply Just for future reference, when the NavDataPro Complete - One Year Access for 1 year ends, can I purchase a new (NavDataPro Complete - One Year Access for 1 year) subscription from Aerosoft?, or does it have to be purchased from somewhere else? And where can I find out the costs for all subscriptions?, as I looked everywhere and couldn't find these information
  7. Hi Tom A320 Thanks for letting me know What happens after using NavDataPro Complete - One Year Access for 1 year?. Can we purchase a new subscription for another 1 year?. Is it the same for other NavDataPro products?
  8. Hello Guys, Does anyone know if (NavDataPro verison will update the FMC on the Aerosoft Airbus A321?, and other aircraft such as the PMDG 737NGX?
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