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ASUpdater crash at startup

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After installing the free scenery Paderborn  on MSFS , when I open the Aerosoft Updater, it crashes after a white window appears for some seconds. Installed version I have checked a

Sorry Hans... Maybe it was me...  I just gave up a little... It didn't work... and the new one not either.   Thank you    Jens

I thought I uploaded this in my previous post.. But here again.. its Windows Event Viewer.   All the best    Jens  AS Updater 10 okt 2020.zip

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On 1/6/2021 at 1:32 PM, radeon29 said:

And it happened again...

I noticed that it happened after uninstalling the MSFS.

Probably after that, the ASUpdater tool cannot read the others sim install paths...

I think I got ahead of the developers and found the cause of the problem, now I hope the developer will not be silent and fix it:


1)after uninstalling MSFS this problem appear...

2)after installation MSFS this problem disappears...

i.e. the problem occurs when  trying to read MSFS (XBOX ver) paths  after MSFS uninstall ...


p/s I also have H4 and P5 installed.

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@Hans Hartmann Like many others, I have the same blank screen issue.


The log doesn't even update (but I'm attaching it anyway) and I get three separate errors in my events. I managed to make it work once by uninstalling and reinstalling ALL of Aerosoft add-ons I had, but the problem has returned since.


I also get an error when installing. Apparently the installer has issues installing the FontReg license text files (2 of them) and the only way to do it is skipping them. 


Any insight?




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