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  1. Hallo Hans, I have installed the two files, overwriting the existing ones, but no message window appears when I start the updater. Let me know if I can help further
  2. Hallo Hans, sorry form late reply but I've been abroad. I have uninstalled MSFS and I still have the problem opening ASUpdater. ASUpdater_App_Log.txt events.txt
  3. I have installed MSFS in D:\Microsoft Flight Simulator and I have no other additional libraries other than the usual Community directory. I have also tried to unistall Paderborn Scenery and I still get the same error when start ASUpdater.
  4. There are the views from the Windows Event Viewer.
  5. No I don't get any error message when I run the updater. I only see a white window with the writing 'Aerosoft Updater' on the upper left side that after some seconds closes.
  6. After installing the free scenery Paderborn on MSFS , when I open the Aerosoft Updater, it crashes after a white window appears for some seconds. Installed version I have checked all the xml files in the Products directory and all appear to be fine. Attached is my log file. Thanks for your help. Andrea ASUpdater_App_Log.txt
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