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VDGS at Oslo ENGM with P3Dv5

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Otto, Thanks for fast support.


VDGS is enabled and I have VDGS version 1.1. installed.

Its purchased from SM.

There is no other version on their webshop and no annoucement on the developers website.


Wher to get version 1.1.4 ????

regards Roger

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

Run the ASUpdater (turn on experimental updates). It should inform you about version Either it updates the scenery or it tells you to download a full installer. If it offers a full installer only, you have to go back SM. They have to provide you with the latest version. But TBH in the case I'm not sure whether ith is a simpy update or neds a full installer. But the ASUpdater will tell you.

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I checked the Updater and it tells me:

Produktname: Mega Airport Oslo 2.0 - P3Dv5 for Prepar3D v5.x

Add-on Pfad: K:\Prepar3D v5 Add-ons\Mega Airport Oslo 2.0 - P3Dv5

Installierte Version:
Für dieses Produkt sind keine Aktualisierungen verfügbar!


I also made already a fresh installation with ENGM.


I f this problem can not be solved I will accept VDGS is not really important.

regards Roger


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Yes I enabled VDGS in the ENGM configuration tool.

Pls. read the whole story here and then you can recognise that I already confirmed the enable button in the specific tool.


anyway thanks Roger


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