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Hi all,


first of all I‘d like to say thanks to Hans and all people involved for this nice airplane. It has become my favorite plane in P3Dv4.5 for short flights. It is a huge step forward in comparison to the previous version and there are many very nice features which make the aircraft really enjoyable. 

A friend of mine and me noticed one issue with the TCAS symbols, though. The aircraft symbols show up on the ND, but they don’t move. Only from time to time, there seems to be Position update and all symbols either jump or are removed (when they are outside the TCAS limits). We suspected that it might be a FSUIPC issue but we didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary there.


Has someone else noticed this? We got aware of this when we were waiting at the active runway and turned on TCAS to monitor aircraft on short final. But it was also present when the aircraft was airborne (in that case you have to look closely because the symbols are moving along with the ND which can be interpreted as a movement - but they only change relative position to the aircraft).


Best regards,


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Well. it seems that is Hans "blind site" 🙂 

I reported this TCAS issues in the beta part of the forum but don´t get an answer:




Hans, how do you see the TCAS module from your perspective?
Are you working on improving this module?


Display of aircraft only within 10nm radius. 


Display in the wrong place on the display, because always a bit too late in the calculation (I compared it with FS-Commander and in the outside view).
If required I have screenshots.


No sliding display of the TCAS contact in the display, only first contact within the 10nm and then again when leaving the 10nm radius. This results in jumps of the displayed aircraft in the display.


The current altitude (ABS) of the displayed aircraft is always shown. 
REL does not work.


For Traffic <10nm in the outside view you can display different values.

I use altitude, speed and callsign.
While the altitude match with FS-Commander, they are always shown delayed on the TCAS display.



I know he is at time busy in real world business for a week or two but I hope he will find time then to fix this issues.






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