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EDDM - no dynlight part II

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Since the topic was closed, i still have the problem with no Dyn Lights at EDDM.


Did the update via ASUpdater but its exactly the same as before. I saw that another one had it running, so no idea why... Seems the installer isnt updated yet, not really sure what i should now now.



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The installer is not updated yet.

But the ASupdater has a log, in the documents/Aerosoft/ASupdater/log folder, when I remember correct. There you can see, if the update was failed and maybe why.
You can wait until the new installer is available, maybe tomorrow, or if the updater is on state already, you must uninstall the scenery, use the old installer and then try the update again, when it failed and you know and fix the issue.

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Just to understand it right, i opened the updater today, afternoon. Then the updater updated. Then it showed me an Update for EDDM with these fixes - Several optimizations at the ground of the airport for day and nighttime
- Taxiwaylines got more contrast, added layers for apron, less tyre marks at apron, tyre marks removed outside apron surfaces - RWY concrete texture changed
- Shadow layer for buildings on apron (Ambient Oclusion)
- Changed glass color at terminals to green glass, partly changed night textures
- Fixed dynamic lights color to LED and related to PBR Materials on Aircrafts
- Build 3D spotter hill in the south of the airport
- Added hills on the north side between Taxiway and Erdinger Allee
- Advertising added at T1 jetways
- Reworked advertising on T2 jetways (blue gradient)
- Fixed wrong sign at gate 117B
- removed double vehicles at Gate 251


I get what i showed you in the pic above, no dyn light. But a friend who also did the same, got this




Seems for him the lights are working on PBR plane but still not as the pic in the other topic, like seen here in following pic. Where the lights are a lot better




So im a bit confused now^^


I mean, i can wait for it but i just wonder why it showed me an update then.


The log shows it upacked all the files, and update succesfull but i dont see any entries that actually tell me it installed something


Installing sim-wings pro Munich Version

Unpacking I:\FlightSim\P5D\Effects\AL_OP-ApronLight1-EDDM-E.fx
Unpacking I:\FlightSim\P5D\Effects\AL_OP-ApronLight2-EDDM-E.fx
Unpacking I:\FlightSim\P5D\Effects\AL_OP-RWYFlash-EDDM-E.fx
Unpacking I:\FlightSim\P5D\Effects\AL_OP-RWYWigWag-EDDM-E.fx
Unpacking I:\FlightSim\P5D\Product.cfg
Unpacking I:\FlightSim\P5D\Readme.txt
Unpacking I:\FlightSim\P5D\Scenery\EDDM_CVX-Airport.BGL
Unpacking I:\FlightSim\P5D\Scenery\EDDM_DYN-ApronWest.BGL
Unpacking I:\FlightSim\P5D\Scenery\EDDM_DYN-T1.BGL
Unpacking I:\FlightSim\P5D\Scenery\EDDM_DYN-T1Apron.BGL


.......many more entries here ..........


Unpacking C:\Users\Alex xxxxx\AppData\Roaming\.ndp-chartcloud\offline\EDDM\3073.pdf
Unpacking C:\Users\Alex xxxx\AppData\Roaming\.ndp-chartcloud\offline\EDDM\3074.pdf
Unpacking C:\Users\Alex xxxx\AppData\Roaming\.ndp-chartcloud\offline\EDDM\catalogue.json

Update successful!



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Just to be clear, the one pic where the lights work on the plane, but looks a lot different that the pic posted by another one yesterday, is not from me. The settings shown below are mine and the pic in first post in this topic is my sim.


So i get no dyn light at all. My friend gets dyn light (same settings) but lot darker than the pic from the other guy. And also he has no spotlights showing on ground. Your pic has sportlights.


So in short, we have 3 different versions now. A pic from someone else where it works fully. A pic from my friend that is somewhere in the middle with dyn light but no visible spotlight and mine, without any light.



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Guy from other topic





My friend and me have the identical settings (see pic above), both a RTX 2080 (he has TI version) and both the same nvidia drivers. Both did the update via ASUpdater.

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Without HDR on, the situation as you and your friend have is possible.

Try it by switching HDR on, set brightness to 1.0.

The you maybe can reduce the brightness later a littlebit.

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Did you see that i dont have dyn light? I mean at all? ^^ On PBR plane at least


That would be the first airport that needs HDR to be active. I have a lot of them, just saying 🙂


And between my friend and mine is also a difference because he hsa dyn light. But the spotlights are NOT showing like in the other pic. That shouldnt have anything to do with HDR. I mean, sure, HDR influences brightness etc but not of dyn light or spotlights show on apron or not.


Here is the T2G EDDM. Perfectly fine, like the rest of the 70 or so airports installed, besides the 3 or 4 with exactly this bug. 


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Oh yes, what i forgot.


Here i forgot to deactivate T2G SODE gates and they were visible. You can see the jetways are double. BUT, and that shows clearly that its a scenery issue, not my settings, the T2G ones are lit. Yours not. Or better said yours a tiny amount and the T2G ones normally lit.



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