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  1. Jup, at least twice. I will reinstall but since it happens on the 318 and the 320 installers I doubt it will change something. I can imagine one of them got corrupted somehow, but both, not sure.
  2. Hello. Im aware that its tagged as "Experimental" but ive not seen this mentioned, the only thing mentioned are stability issues but this doesnt fit into that category. If i have missed something, sorry. The question is if you are aware that the outside and vc textures of the whole family (besides A330) are not not working atm? The reflections seem to be corrupted. It can be seen already in the p3d preview window where all the normal reflection is missing. And inside the sim it is the very same, they show corrupted/not compatible. Look at the light borders, they are not right. It should be smooth gradient until it fades out. Also the reflection of the material isnt right, neither are the colors of the texts. Sharpness is also weird. And here its obvious i guess. Every other aircraft i have works in this category, PBR and no PBR planes. That would be PMDG 747/8, Leonardo MD80, QW 787, A2A planes (Comanche for example), Flysimware Learjet and ALSO your A330. No issue on that one. See pics here. Absolutely no problem with A330. This happens on all liveries, your house liveries as well. The only other plane where something nearly like this is happening is the Majestic Dash 8 when simply copied into v5. But that one is knowingly not compatible, so not really a wonder. Win 2004 P3D v5 HF1 Nvidia RTX 2080 with latest windows 2004 ready drivers Dyn reflections are on High in that pic. Or medium, not 100% sure but they are active. HDR on
  3. For whatever reason its shows DLH for me in the preview?
  4. Thank you Dave. I just fixed it and wanted to update here, same second you wrote. What i did was simply changing the value for APU time from 22 to 23, that seemingly made a reset and reverted back to good state. So all good now^^ Thanks for the link anyway Dave.
  5. I saw a few topics about fuelplaner but mine seems different. It worked fine before i updated the A330 and A319 yesterday. Now it opens the planer with 140 to 190 tons of fuel loaded and a change of the sliders doesnt affect the fuel textfield anymore. Better said it affects it but always has way way too much fuel. I cannot get to a lower fuel value, doesnt matter how i try it goes back to this high number. As soon i make a change on the slider it reverts back to the wrong value. It happens on every plane. What is the best way to fix this?
  6. Hello Sadly the plane ctd´s after one cancels the login in browser... Flow: Press charts tab -> wait for browser to open - close the login form tab in browser Then first the tablet becomes unusable and after too many clicks or trying to reload the plane the sim ctds. Seems no error handling on this function too. P3D 4.5 hf2 Win 10 Latest CRJ update
  7. jup, was Envforcefor me too. Without SF i could make the whole 9h flight from Miami to EDDL, Germany. And one more shorter flight too without this kernelbase error. With EF it crashes after around 25 min. Worked pretty well even. I found the vnav now better than before.
  8. Sure, I can. I just reported it here because I saw in the patch notes of the a330 that the last problem in combination with SS (the throttle problem) was fixed from your side. So I thought maybe this is on your side too. But yes, I will report it there. No problem.
  9. Same boat. Since ive updated to 1.004 ive got these ctds with kernelbase. All drivers up to date. Ive made around 17 flights with version 1 to 1.002 (ive skipped 1.003) and didnt get a single ctd. Now with 1.004 i tried 4 flights, everyone of them ctd with kernelbase error. 2 of them crashed shortly after going into outside view. The other 2 were also in outsideview, around 1h into the flight in cruise. Hf 2, latest nvidia drivers all c++ and .net stuff up to date and error free
  10. i have that too. Not in that big numbers but still not nice. KBOS to LEMD, realtime/realweather with the time you see in cockpit on the clock. Ive used Simbrief with the provided AS A330 profile. 294 pax, 5.2 tons cargo. Simbrief gave me 43 tons, AS fuelplanner gave me around 32 tons so i took Simbrief values. Did windrequests in fmc. On the ground after refueling, efob of 5.6 at LEMD 7 mins in the air ive got this 1h later in cruise, already -0.6 efob. You can see i have pretty strong tailwind even, 82 knots. But it still gows lower and lower in calculated efob. latest a330 version, experimental p3d v4.5 hf2
  11. Seems there is another issue besides the not working throttles when starting with simstarter. Ive tried this nor 7 times. 3 times i started with SS, 4 times without. When first starting with Simstarter the plane starts in c&d mode, despite the turnaround state is active. When now started without SImstarter, the first time is also in wrong panelstate. When then starting again without SS it starts up in turnaround state. Then i turned sim off, started again with Simstarter and again in was in c&d mode. If i always start without SS it will normally be in turnaround mode, the mode ive set it to. Maybe this all was coincidence but there is certainly something wrong with the panelstate. Please check it. latest version, experimental. P3d 4.5 hf2
  12. Hello 🙂 Your right, ive mixed something up. Maybe you remember in January Leonardo had a problem in regards to the lights (i think ive seen you post in that topic in Leonardo forum too, at least the user had same name). And back then the solution was to install FSReborn lights addon. That fixed it. I think ive mixed that up and thougt it was the other way around. But there the combination of the installation of MD80 caused problems for other planes that were using standard p3d light effect files and AI planes, even if the plane did use own effect files. Something interfered in a weird way. But its probably something else here, yeah. I would link to the topic but im not sure atm if its allowed to post links to outside AS forum targets
  13. I hope i didnt overlook a post where this is already the topic. I found some "bug" in some of the vc textures. I marked them but you still have to look closely to see what i mean. There are letters, sings and numbers where they shouldnt be. Nothing bad but maybe it can be set on the tasklist ^^
  14. I post this here, it fits better than in the other topic Ok, so ive tested the MD80. "Sadly" i have to say that everything works there with Tomatoshade. Here are a few pics showing the difference. I usw the exact same TS profile for all pics. All pics were made on daytime, non overcast situation. The blue in the MD80 is pretty much the same blue as it should be, also in nighttime its perfectly fine while the A330 & CRJ are much much too dark. I understand you can only go from standard shaders to create something but there still has to be some difference and that they seemingly managed to overcome this problem somehow. The PBR in the A330 cockpit is really nice but it leaves a pretty bad taste to fly in those "darkness". I like the A330 so far so please dont think i put some blame on your or trying to tell you you do something wrong. Its just that i really would wish that the way Leonardo did it could be used here too to make the experience perfect. As said in the other post, tweaking the VC ambient and diffuse values doesnt not change it in any way anymore. Its simply without effect to either use 1.0, the standard, or 2.0 or 3.0. Looks identical dark. @Tobias94 can you please send me that TS profile you said, i would like to check something.
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