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A330 with P3DV5 ; how to select Flaps2 ?

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Hello . Maybe I've missed something quite obvious , but I can't get flaps2 with A330 Prepar3DV5 ( . After engines start sequence or in taxi state , I can set the flaps lever in flaps1 detent (and actually get 1+F) ; but then any action on F7 key makes only the flaps lever bounce and come back to flaps1 detent ; flaps remain in 1+F ; if F7 key is kept depressed, then flaps selector jumps to full flaps ; F6 key can bring them back to flaps3 , then directly to flaps1 detent . RAAS/FS2crew is not installed . Same behavior in flight before landing ; F7 key moves flaps lever from 0 to 1 (actualy flaps1) ; then flaps cannot be moved further down except if F7 key is kept depressed , in which case flaps lever jumps directly to full flaps . No such behavior with A330Prepar3DV4 ( , flaps2 is selectable and available . Note that A330Prepar3DV4 and LM Prepar3DV4.5 are installed on C: , whereas A330Prepar3DV5 and LM Prepar3DV5 are installed on F:

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Hello . I am not using copilot (FS2Crew/RAAS was not installed when proposed during A330 install procedure). It is only partially related to the mentionned topic , because when F6 key is held depressed , then flaps go directly to full . Same behaviour with or without FSUIPC . Same behaviour when control device is desabled in P3DV5 (direct use of F6 and F7 keys) . Same behaviour if flaps lever is manipulated by mouse in virtual cockpit . Same behaviour with A320/A321 for P3DV5 . No such behaviour with A320/A321 and A330 for P3DV4.5 , Flaps2 can be selected straight away from 1+F or 3 .Best Regards .

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I have the same problem with the A320 and P3D4.5hf3, unable to move flaps 1+F to 2, but to flaps full with the lever and mouse only.

I can't say when the problem started, maybe 1 week ago but I tried this:

- removing A320, reinstall from scratch without livery,

- update to experimental

- several models (CFM Shark and CFM-EW)

- several airports (but I notice today the flaps 2 cannot be set on startup state too, on ground)

- several payloads

- using keyboard, GoFlight or CHProduct switches.

- with/without fsuipc

- with default Navdata

Rem: I had never seen it before but the autobrake "max" isn't switchable anymore when in approach mode. Only "medium".


(Sorry for the typo)


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Hi I tried this on both A320 and A330 on both P3Dv4.5 and P3Dv5 but I am not able to recreate this issue. Only thing that comes to mind is that there is something that is conflicting with your controls and somehow setting the flaps back to 1+F for some reason. Other than that I simply have no idea what could be causing this issue for you.

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Well, I'm back and it works again :)

I can't explain what happened, I did the total removal and the fresh install including p3d, AS, FSUIPC, simconnect, AI traffic, weather engine (step by step) and that's all. I suspect a simconnect.dll issue in my previous config...

@VHX2300, maybe the same issue in p3dv5 ?

Thanks a lot.

But unfortunately, the fresh install did not improve the heat here in paris... :D

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On my side I fixed the issue the following way : uninstall A330V5 (and A320/A321) from F: . Re-install A330V5 (and A320/A321) on C:

 Note On my system , P3DV5 is installed on F:

            Because C: is almost full and guessing that performances would be better with any add-on related to P3DV5 installed on same P3DV5 drive , I initially installed A330 on F:                 (F:\users\utilisateur\documents\Aerosoft). It worked this way except for this issue with Flaps2 selection.


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