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  1. Hi What a wonderfull scenery EDPL ! Great job Aerosoft and developpers. I'm discovering this aera and would love to fly to it's swiss "big sister", Geneva... one day... on a great A320, one day later... Thank you so much.
  2. Well, I'm back and it works again I can't explain what happened, I did the total removal and the fresh install including p3d, AS, FSUIPC, simconnect, AI traffic, weather engine (step by step) and that's all. I suspect a simconnect.dll issue in my previous config... @VHX2300, maybe the same issue in p3dv5 ? Thanks a lot. But unfortunately, the fresh install did not improve the heat here in paris...
  3. Thanks for your replies, I'll try a new fresh install (as fresh as the weather today near Paris :)). I'll be back Phil
  4. Hello, I have the same problem with the A320 and P3D4.5hf3, unable to move flaps 1+F to 2, but to flaps full with the lever and mouse only. I can't say when the problem started, maybe 1 week ago but I tried this: - removing A320, reinstall from scratch without livery, - update to experimental - several models (CFM Shark and CFM-EW) - several airports (but I notice today the flaps 2 cannot be set on startup state too, on ground) - several payloads - using keyboard, GoFlight or CHProduct switches. - with/without fsuipc - with default Navdata Rem: I had never seen it before but the autobrake "max" isn't switchable anymore when in approach mode. Only "medium". (Sorry for the typo) Phil
  5. It works ! If I'm well understanding, I'll have to move all my traffic with an FSX one, now (: Thanks Bernhard.
  6. Hello, I'm just doing my first departure from LFMN, very beautiful scenery, but I would like to advice you on a strange issue: my AI traffic does not display (full transparency except lighting) and ONLY when I select a "day" time. When in dawn or night every AI planes are displayed correctly. FYI, I tried the dds conversion explain here above, without success... Furthermore, this "transparency" is applied to the flying AI plane approaching LFMN, not only on ground. Has anybody noticed that ? Thanks for your help.
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