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Problem with Oslo and Trondheim in P3D.V5

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I have installed Aerosoft Trondheim ( version 1040) and Oslo 2.0 for P3D V.5. On both airports there are red X or red V.  What is wrong?  Where will these airports be installed?  The installer wants to install the airports in the first place on drive C/documents/P3D V5 Add-ons. Is this the right place or should the airports be installed in other drive as  on folder P3DV5/Ecosystem?


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The eco drive folder is not required and not recommended. When possible install outside sim folder.

LM has the add-on.xml System. And Aerosoft is using it.


Next, do you still have the old sode files in the Sode  folder from the p3dv4 install?

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