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Virus warning Canary Island Profession La Palma even with all security off

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I try to install the scenery. I have all the security off So no firewall and no windows defender, also no other virus scanner. But stil I get a virus warning. See screen. I ignored the message but the file needed to config the airport is not installed.


virus warning.JPG

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Yes, this warnings are generated in the last time more often. But it could not be generated by „nothing“. So one Tool is still active, which plays Virus Protection.

As this warnings are called „false positive“, based on simple sequences of bits and bytes used in know virus infected codes, which could be in any other code existing, it is hard to prevent this.

This tool has 90% Gif picture code inside to show you the options, there bit sequence could fit to any critical codes, as shorter the sequence of the checking tool is, as more critical is it, that a gif of the config tool has this combination.

So try the ignore button, if you then can use the tool.

As long as your source if the scenery is a original installer, the tool will not have a virus as long it is not infected on your PC itself. But then your protection should have you informed before.


But it is interesting, that there is a tool on your PC to inform you about virus issues in a full neutral window, not Defender, McAfee or other logos, never seen that.

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Mathijs thanks for your answer.


I don't know wich tool it is coming from. I have all security off from windows. At least the ones I know and are visible to me.  I don't have Avast. The tool is deleted and I don't have access to it. edit / I also installed Oslo and Trondheim. These configuration files didn't have warnings.


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