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Why is the AIRBUSX_VC_PREPARV4_MAINPANEL_C.psd darker than the panel file contained in the pre-installed liveries?
Using Paint.net I'm updating some n registration/SELCAL placards using the AIRBUSX_VC_PREPARV4_MAINPANEL_C.psd then saving to .dds, DXT3 format.





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Hi wrs511!


The easiest idea is the right one here: All cockpit textures were changed for the Prepar3D V5 release to fit the new tonemapping requirements.

(If "tonemapping" is a new term for you: that is some kind of lookup-table/function which alters a pixels color information to another value.

This was first introduced in cinematic productions to achieve higher control about displayed colors and to stylize productions. If you have seen

a "making of" from an actual movie while a scene was just filmed and then later that same scene in the movie, you will witness a strongly changed look

of color and contrast. So for the sake of better storytelling the visual aesthetics is stronly manipluated).


To raise the quality bar for visual output in Prepar3D V4, LM introduced a new autoexposure / tonemapping. These processes, outputting frames differently to the time before,

alters the finally rendered content a split second before it is send by the graphics card to the monitor.

Changes can be made in saturation, brightness, contrast, levels and so on, which can change the look of the input textures in a strong manner.


Those processes were not perfectly implemented in V4 and forced us to bring the overall texture values to a darker range to keep the correct output. This also led to further complications

with other "reshade" addons some user applied addintionally ontop, who remapped the values again .

So LM invested quite some time and updated that output engine stuff intensivly again to work correct with its new sky simulation engine also introduced for V5.

The result was, that the small busses non-PBR textures now appeared too dark in the default sim. So to guarantee a good costumer experience with the A318-A321 pro series,

the values were changed again to bring the correct values to the display, so in a level you would await comparing with real world imagery.


So the pity now is only that the mainpanel texture of the existing repaints appears too dark in direct comparision with the freshly redesigned rest of the cockpit. While the default liveries

of course were corrected for the release alltogether, we cannot change all the repaints done by exterior repainters. For that case we provide a replacement template for the mainpanel texture,

hwere the registration has to be updated to fit the registration for the respective livery. And yes, in future registrations will be added as dynamicly changing part of the cockpit.

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@Stefan Hoffmann


Thank you for that detailed explanation.


I got around this by copying the main panel file from the fall back folder saved it in paint.net format, added layers for the REG/SELCAL numbers, and the font layer. Then saved to the appropriate livery folder.




I do like the newer bluish tint in P3Dv5.







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