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Frankfurt incorrect taxi signs, missing taxi lanes, different texture resolutions around airport


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Hi Oliver,


the apron layout of Frankfurt around the V12x stands is incorrect.

The coloured lines are missing and the N3 taxiway signs read N5 instead of N3.


As I'm recently controling Frankfurt on VATSIM I have already seen a lot of pilots getting confused over the wrong N3/N5 signage and all of the Regional Group Frankfurt would highly apprechiate this to be updated.

As the productpage advertises "Original taxiway signs as well as new taxiways" I would expect those taxiways to be modelled since they existed two years before the product was released.

Below is a screenshot from a May 2017 satelite picture of the affected area, compared to one of Mega Airport Frankfurt Professional:






Finally a question on the C gates: Why does the terminal behind the C gates have such a bad resolution, both at daylight and especially during night time, while the A and B gates have a rather good resolution? Have a look especially at those windows, but also the general front of the terminal.
Are they 1:1 portovers of the original FS2004 scenery?






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The 3D Contant of the product based on the Mega Airport Frankfurt V2 for FSX and older P3D Version designed 2015/2016.

The Professional Version are technical code redones to make the contant fully P3D V4 and now V5 compatible. It was never a new redesign  of the airport. And you will never get a Upgrade for a new Airport design for only 5€+VAT.

When the airport gets his redesign all this will be renewed and then will be maybe for same days fitting to the real world, until someone takes the color to repaint the taxiways in real. A scenery could not be actual at all.

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