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I am looking to purchase Zurich however I've noticed the v3 discussion in the previews section was locked and there was an update 1.1.0 released for v2 shortly after.

Is v3 still planned or was it decided it will be a free 1.1.0 update?



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32 minutes ago, Mathijs Kok said:

I will try tyo find out, but keep in mind that FS2020 is changing a lot of plans.

Thanks Mathijs, appreciate this as the parallel thread was confusing - it was stated Pad-labs finished the update so wanted to check if this was actually the files for v1.1.0.

Want to get Zurich but prefer to wait for v3 only if it's still relevant

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Hi Shomron

If you refer to Zurich v3 as the update with the new modelled "the circle", that was included into the Upgrade. The Airport has the state it has at the moment, including the heligrill and the circle and new speedexits. unfortunately not all of them. The inside of dock midfield has changed as well, as i remember. But not like a complete PBR Upgrade or something like that. So it's an adpation of the old airport to the new buildings. It's still great and it was free, so very generous. I don't know if there will be a new zurich with the new Sim, including PBR and all the fancy stuff you can do now.


Hope that helps a bit



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