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will ENGM be compatible with p3dv5


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  • Deputy Sheriffs

The most airports work to a certain point in v5.

Sometimes the excludes need to be adapted, because of changes in the default airports by LM.

Most likely all dyn light effects need to be adapted as there has been changes to the effects system.


If you know what to do and how, all can be fixed easily. And then manually installed in v5.


Up to now there is no list of Airports that will be made compatible. We just have to wait or if you can’t wait, do it ourselves.



You can always install a addon in a fake blank v4 folder. Then you see what belongs to the addon and move it to a new destination. At the same point you can create a add-on.xml and add it this way. As with all jo erlend airports, there will be some work with texture.cfg of the simobjects if you change the folder structure. A lot manual work, but can be done. But you need some knowledge of the P3D system.

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