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19 minutes ago, robby25451 said:

same here.

after updating to or

but the airosoft-raas-version works great with the pmdg 747...

unlink model changes nothing.





As you are using the P3Dv4 version please open another topic.

17 hours ago, João Peralta said:

I have A319 / 320 / 321for FSX SP2 my RAAS stopped working 

Someone can help me


João Peralta

What did change on your system?

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hello mopperle,


i use p3d v4.5.13.32097 and the A319 prof.
the system has not been changed. 
i have uninstalled and reinstalled the aircraft for testing purposes. Raas then worked perfectly.

After the update to Raas was gone again. also the reinstallation of raas did not help.
Interestingly, the aerosoft-Raas works perfectly with the pmdg 747-plane. :-)
but not with the A319.

Therefore the error should have been caused by the update.


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Hi, the same thing happened to me too. After updating to the experimental version raas no longer works except in 320.
I have tried to uninstall raas several times, I have also searched the fs2crew forum but I have not been able to solve.
I haven't gone back to the airbus version to try if raas works again but maybe I will.

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