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Thanks for the update, can i ask if this is the suggested v3 posted a while ago for Zurich or theres an actual new v3 build coming?


A few things; for users of ORBX Germany South there should be notes /prompts that the 3 existing LSZH files in the scenery folder for Germany South should be turned off firstly, and then the hotfix in this post below will be needed as otherwise you'll end up getting really poor/nasty default style ground textures around the whole airport and also corrupt roads and boundaries if you dont add/overwrite the 2 files in the hotfix.


I must ask; can we have some proper beta testing with this kinda stuff maybe; these issues were pointed out back in Zurich X, again in Pro v1.00 and now it still looks unattended too again. (I get ORBX are not Aerosoft and they're a 3rd party but you would avoid people flooding your forums if stuff like this was published with the release and ORBX terrain is literally then norm for everyone today anyway.)


The circle building textures from the front (airport facing) really they need mipping?


The trees in the scenery as well; might it be possible to just use the default sim ones/Orbx Trees as the sceneries ones really do stand out.


ORBX equally could do with maybe reworking or looking at the possibility of tidying up the OpenLC Europe ground files in places as it is alittle sloppy in Zurich when the airport goes in.


Thanks again and please note the above as suggestions for user enjoyment.



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