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A321 transition altitude issue

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If I input MCDU/PERF -page transition altitude example 5000 or 50, it shows 55. If I input 4500 or 45, it shows 5000.


When I passing 5000ft, with STD ALT in selector (glareshield) there is no "blinking" alert in PFD. But when passing 4500 (which I input, but shows 50) it's blinking.


I was made two flights only, so never tested other models, but A321 CFM latest version, and fresh copy of Win10 & P3DV4.5.


CORRECTION: Maybe I put correct QNH before transition altitude (I was descending from FL100 to 3500ft). But there is still issue, like I wrote above.


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Thanks, will look into. Might be related to the latest correction of the Perf Appr Page.

There has to be a TRANS FL, before we had the wrong TRANS ALT.




Edit: Problem identified and forwarded to Dev.

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