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Checklist - Copilot - Set Trim


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I am using A330

I normally start with  Turn-Around state.

The fuel planner is used.

I load the info from MCDU and can see that the trim value for the flight is UP0.8.

When the checklist runs and it is time to adjust trim the co-pilot begins to trim down but stops around 1.5 UP.

I have to manually complete the adjustment.

This has happened on two successive flights.

Am I alone with this behaviour?


Note that I do not click on the Adj CoG Reset button. Should I be ding that each time I use the fuel planner? Maybe it makes a difference?




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  • Deputy Sheriffs


OK let us talk about setting PITCH TRIM and only this value because CG is something different even that between both values is a fixed relation. The standard value we currently use in the MCDU3 for pitch trim is 4.5UP. If you use the fuel planner / loadsheet this MCDU3 value is overwritten by the value from the fuel planner like in your case 0.8UP. This value from the MCDU3 is also transferred and used in the MCDU PERF TO page. During the AFTER ENGINE START CL the pitch trim has to be set. You use the lower ECAM FCTL page to check the current pitch trim value with the one on the MCDU PERF TO page. If necessary adjust the ECAM value using the trim wheel. If you are using the CL as well as the Copilot then this will automatically be done e.g. checking and setting.......



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I will check what Secondator asked on my next flight.


What Hanse has said:

"If you are using the CL as well as the Copilot then this will automatically be done e.g. checking and setting......."

is the issue that I am having as the CL/Copilot was not completing the full adjustment to 0.8UP. It was stopping around 1.5UP.


I shall see if this continues on my next flight.

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I have now set up a new flight, checked various values and took some pictures.


First I set up the fuelplanner:



After starting P3D v4.5 HF2 I set up the aircraft (Installed version: No updates available for this product!) in the Turn-Around State.


Getting ready to proceed with MCDU work I usually begin with Loading the Aircraft:




After completing the initial phases with my copilot active it was time to get pushed back, start and set up the control surfaces:

The copilot was busy spinning the trim wheel but seemed to get tired and stop at 1.6 UP.

Note that the GWCG value displays as 29.5



The nagging helper kept asking me to fix it, so I did and eventually the Checklist continued:



After that all went well so I checked the load sheet one more time just before take-off.

I saw a value that confused me:




So my issue with automatic trim setting continues.



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  • Deputy Sheriffs

A new update is available now which regarding the checklist and copilot solves the following issues:

  • BEFORE ENGINE START CL: Starting issue in connection with GSX closing doors - solved -
  • ECAM PAGES: Manually selected by CL are now reset to standard when next CL item is called
  • CHRONO FO: Set ON when takeoff thrust is set and stopped after landing
  • VC LIGHTS: When C&D as well as TO state is used VC-lights are automatically set to "flight" when TAXI CL is started
  • LANDING LIGHTS: Were not really ON after descending below 10k feet even that OVHD switch was ON - solved  
  • BEFORE TAKEOFF - Landing Lights are now automatically switched on when plane enters the departure runway.

I therefore will close this topic and ask you if there are still " checklist issues" to open a new thread.




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