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Thanks for a great A330

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Just doing my first flight in the A330. For a while I'd been looking for a long haul airliner with good performance and systems fidelity. This one fits the bill. Its good value for money as well. Especially with the discount - I've been using all versions of the A320/A319 since FSX.


Love the sounds. Mmm-mmm.


Flight dynamics are good. Haven't done a landing yet but. Hand flying is nice on take-off. And absolutely love how the autopilot commands smooth and gentle bank inputs. A/P pitch inputs also nice and smooth. (Using update Much better than the A319 Pro, which still seems a bit abrupt - I'm hoping that some day the A/P on that addon will be tuned to give a more gentle experience.


Had a problem with 'infinitely refuelling fuel' but tried completing refuelling before APU start and this seemed to work.


Thanks for all the hard work that's gone into this beautiful addon. Hell of a job. Looking forward to lots of flights.

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With time and further testing and updates it will only get better and better!



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