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  1. And here too. AS updater reports v installed but no FE option in the pop up.
  2. Thanks Rainero, nice screenshot. Sounds like it might work ok in v5 then. Cheers
  3. Ah, yes thanks Pedro. I saw that last month and I was hoping that things have changed since then. I think I'll put off updating to P3DV5 for a little while so I can use MIchael's DC-8 for a bit longer. I'm looking forward to updating to P3DV5 however because of the reported performance improvements and other enhancements like natively supported sloping runways and visual effects.
  4. Fantastic news, thanks Michael. Looking forward to the update. Forgive me if this has been answered elsewhere, but will P3DV5 compatibility be an eventuality?
  5. Thanks AAC47, that's interesting. The flight manual states: "For all jet aircraft flying at high altitude, the damping of the long perlod oscillations is rather weak, causing speed and altitude variations which may result in difficulty in maintaining an accurate flight path, Although the aircraft is quite stable under ail flying conditions, the autopilot and the altitude control should be used for optimum performance." Next time I encounter oscillations in level flight I'll try your technique of going to manual and retrimming. Pretty sure I tried this last time but the oscillations returned after a few seconds upon autopilot re-engagement. They weren't severe movements, about 50-100ft above and below the target. I did consider descending to a lower altitude but on that flight I wanted the better the fuel consumption at the higher flight level so I stuck with it.
  6. Yes, I've found that that the alt hold porpoises a little too, but possibly not in all areas of the flight regime. Didn't notice any oscillationi until the last couple hundred miles of a long flight (Johannesburg to Manchester), after the final step climb to FL380.
  7. Thanks very much. Love this plane.
  8. Hi, On my first flight (FAOR-EGCC) in this lovely aircraft. Fuel management and INS keeps you engaged. Love the turbine sounds. At full gross she's got a long takeoff (FAOR elevation is over 5000 ft). Could anyone tell me what the service ceiling on the old girl is? I'm at FL360, stepped up twice from FL300. Simbrief gives me a step up to FL380 in a few hundred miles. Couldn't find any sensible data on line. Cheers.
  9. Just doing my first flight in the A330. For a while I'd been looking for a long haul airliner with good performance and systems fidelity. This one fits the bill. Its good value for money as well. Especially with the discount - I've been using all versions of the A320/A319 since FSX. Love the sounds. Mmm-mmm. Flight dynamics are good. Haven't done a landing yet but. Hand flying is nice on take-off. And absolutely love how the autopilot commands smooth and gentle bank inputs. A/P pitch inputs also nice and smooth. (Using update Much better than the A319 Pro, which still seems a bit abrupt - I'm hoping that some day the A/P on that addon will be tuned to give a more gentle experience. Had a problem with 'infinitely refuelling fuel' but tried completing refuelling before APU start and this seemed to work. Thanks for all the hard work that's gone into this beautiful addon. Hell of a job. Looking forward to lots of flights.
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