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Setting up PFPX

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8 minutes ago, Brit said:



Quick question really, how do I set up PFPX to send a co route to the A330?

Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XX Flightplans is the location however pfpx locations arent modifiable. so that needs an update.

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Thanks will give that a try.


Also got a problem with editing the aircraft.cfg to add a livery. When I press save it says it doesn't have permission.l I've tried word and notepad but both can't save it.

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

Hello Brit, 

Could you please open a new topic for that other issue. Thanks.


Could be because your A330 is installed to a location where you don't have permissions to edit the files. But please open a new topic for this and we'll have a look into it.r

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