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  1. Never mind did not have the TCA selected haha Also what control settings do i need to change for the engine switches to work? EDIT - All sorted found a guide online.
  2. Hi I got the TM Throttle quadrant today and trying to set up the throttle's I did engine one ok but engine two does not work when trying to edit the controls via P3D. I also set back to defaults but the left throttle still controls that engine one.
  3. Ok so I've tried both methods - 1. Installing via the Navigraph FMS app 2. Installing manually by downloading the file from Navigraph But it still says 1913 in the CDU? Any ideas? Thanks
  4. Ok i think one is a manual install, for the life of me I can't find the cfg file location for the A330. Edit - Found it!
  5. How do I install a livery with texture folder? Is there a certain file type needed?
  6. Ok thanks How do i install them in the livery manager?
  7. Ok thanks, guess I have to reinstall all my liverys?
  8. For the latest update do I need to reinstall the A330? I have version
  9. Hello Doing a flight with the new update .8? Got a message on the display saying 'baro ref discrepancy' What does this mean? Thanks
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