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FSDG-Apt ALT Files

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I just discovered a listing at the end of my addon scenery - FSDG-Apt ALT Files. (see attached)  What is it and what programme installed it?  Someone suggested it has to do with determining elevations in airport scenery, is this true?  I have often found issues with elevation in some sceneries and it is frustrating.  I have a lot of airport sceneries in my system and to avoid elevation issues or gate mismatch issues (Navigation - airport - gate X) where you end up somewhere else than the gate selected, is there a set of rules somewhere to determine the order or priority of scenery?




Father Dane

Scenery 10.jpg

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reading the folder name i'd suggest it was installed with some FSDG airport - usually those altitude corrections are installed into the main scenery/world folder to keep it "down" in the priority. FSDG choose to use an "own folder" maybe to keep more control of those files.

you should not change that as long as using FSDG sceneries

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That folder is totally OK.

Every airport addon, that has an other elevation than default, will install an elevation correction file.

That has to be placed below the default files. These default files of airports are in the “XXXX Base” folders.

FSX/P3D reads the alt from the lowest AFCAD. While all other is taken from the highest, the alt is taken from the lowest.

Most addon handles it by placing these elevation correction files inside scenery/world/scenery.

Another attempt is to keep these files in a separate folder in the addon install folder and load it via add-on.xml, but mark it with layer 3.

And another attempt is to add them in the scenery.cfg as own entry like at your screenshot.


And as already mentioned, that folder was created by an addon from FSDG.

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