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I know it,s an old issue and apologise to submit and annoy with another request but...


believe me it's a lot of time I try to attempt all the several suggestions given on various topics to solve without success

I would ask someone to guide me either to find the last link or the step by step procedure to fix

Mi axis on FSX is completely free from any setup and I would use my ch throttle as well my TPR and my Joystick T16000 using FSUIPC 

I've updated my software with version 1.31

My Airbus Configurator is set on box 2

The FSX Thrust Lever Setup Vol.7 SEPT 2014 does't help

Thanks to anybody wants help

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14 minutes ago, Mathijs Kok said:

What exactly is the issue? Does the axis assignment in the sim not work?

The levers of my CH don't move or they move only in the reverse mode

Yesterday i've disconnected it and I've concentrated my actions on the Joystick T16000

the joy throttle is ok but I can't use properly, I mean it works in the reverse way


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I also don't have FSX installed anymore, but if I remember correctly there is a Reverse setting in the Configurator, and a reverse setting in the sim as well.  If you set them both, I think you're essentially cancelling both out.


Since I know longer have FSX installed, I can't install the older Airbus and therefore can't see the Configurator.  Can you please post a screen shot of the Configurator for us?




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Thanks Dave

I'm searching FADEC Section not sure to find

In my dreams wonder if exist a setting procedure starting from zero !

Sorry I got it

FADEC section is the one I posted so should check the Joystick calibration ?

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10 minutes ago, basol said:

OK can we start from the configurator and proceed with setting ?

I assume CONF should be flagged as shown Then ? What' s next action ?


I added another graphic to my post above, it's from P3D, but it's the same in FSX.


Regarding your post above, I don't know what you mean.  Setting up the throttle is very straight forward, and if you Invert the Axis in the Configurator, and then Reverse the same Axis in FSX, you have cancelled out the Configurator's inverted Axis.  Do one, or the other, and that's should be it.



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No way...

this is what i've done for THROTTLE 1:

Set the AXIS Z as axis throttle 1 set

and calibrated in the NRZ (only 2 values Plus and Minus)

No reverse flag 

Left lever doesn.t move at all


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Please open the Windows USB Game Controller application and ensure that your throttle lever (Z axis) is working properly.


7 minutes ago, basol said:

calibrated in the NRZ


I have no idea what that is.


If you've checked your Throttle (Z Axis) is the Windows USB Game Controller application and seen that it is working properly, then we can set  up a time for me to log into your system and take a look at things.  You'll first need to Private Message me the following information before I can do this:


1. Exactly which Airbus  you have (please provide a link to the product in the Aerosoft Store),

2. Where you purchased the product,

3. The email account tied to your purchase,

4. The product serial number from your purchase.



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Work in progress

at the moment Aircraft still on ground NO GO!

This happens after computer restart

But one hour ago test flight has been successfull with levers OK and Reverse OK !

Maintenance it's the most difficult operational area for an Airline!!!!


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