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  1. Hi Dave good morning

    any chanche to meet today ?

    I've worked a lot on my problem ma I don.t see the light!

    Carlo in Rome Italy

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    2. basol


      I'm around for 1 hour Tomorrow ill be on duty very early Thanks

    3. DaveCT2003


      I will be online tomorrow about 3pm GMT/UTC for about 1 hour myself, if that works for you.

    4. basol


      Good morning Dave

      as written on discord i'm dispo next Wed and Thu any time you will suggest

      Wish you a pleasant Sunday


  2. Work in progress at the moment Aircraft still on ground NO GO! This happens after computer restart But one hour ago test flight has been successfull with levers OK and Reverse OK ! Maintenance it's the most difficult operational area for an Airline!!!!
  3. Calibrated in the NRZ means No Reverse Zone The CH Throttle is working properly i'm going to send you my details Thanks
  4. No way... this is what i've done for THROTTLE 1: Set the AXIS Z as axis throttle 1 set and calibrated in the NRZ (only 2 values Plus and Minus) No reverse flag Left lever doesn.t move at all
  5. OK can we start from the configurator and proceed with setting ? I assume CONF should be flagged as shown Then ? What' s next action ?
  6. Thanks Dave I'm searching FADEC Section not sure to find In my dreams wonder if exist a setting procedure starting from zero ! Sorry I got it FADEC section is the one I posted so should check the Joystick calibration ?
  7. I agree as this issue has been "worked" a lot do you remember which is the right topic to follow ? Also do you think this issue can be treated and solved in the next update ?
  8. I've used without success i've to admit is complicated once to decide to upgrade own hardware I don't give up
  9. The levers of my CH don't move or they move only in the reverse mode Yesterday i've disconnected it and I've concentrated my actions on the Joystick T16000 the joy throttle is ok but I can't use properly, I mean it works in the reverse way ?
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