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Captain Fred97

Not following the route

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I just finished flying the A319 and it flew right over the destination airport. Yes, I read your "Not following the route" post, but ALL information was entered and checked weights, etc. I used the load sheet created by the Aerosoft fuel manager to generate a load sheet. I had all the way points from a Simbrief file used as a company route. Maybe it's confusion as to when to press the LOC and APP buttons. I thought I set up the aircraft correctly using the built in checklist. This was a very short flight so I could test to see if everything worked as planned. Well, obviously it didn't. I could snap a screenshot of the PFD etc., not when I am trying to figure out what the hell is going on because the aircraft did fly the approach in autoland.

Any tips on setting up the aircraft for descent/landing beyond what's in the sometimes confusing manuals.

By the way, the step by step flight is not relevant for those in the US and should have been made into a video for YouTube. Yes, I have checked out videos on flying the A319 and others but some of them do not really clearly explain or show how to set up the aircraft to land.

Thanks for reading this.

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You didn't say it, so I'll have to ask a few questions even though you read the previous thread. 


1. Are you using P3Dv4.5? 

2. Which version of the Airbus Professional do you have installed (Example: Version





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12 hours ago, Captain Fred97 said:

By the way, the step by step flight is not relevant for those in the US


It simply doesnt matter where you are flying. The Step-by-step guide explains basic tasks to perform when flying an Airbus.

Also there is no need to open a 2nd topic, while your other ist still open.

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I think he's talking about SIDs and STARs being runway dependent in Europe znd Direction dependent in North America. Agreed, its the same procedure in the aircraft system wise. Maybe he doesn't undetstand FMGS programming?


Lets open the thread back up and I will take care of closing it if need be.


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