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  1. I reinstalled Aersoft A318/319 Airbus Professional, and the ASUpdater does not function. It opens with a blank screen and then closes. I am running P3D 4.5 however, I recently updated windows 10 to the latest version. Could this update be the cause of all my problems.
  2. No I don't have one drive setup or running. I am puzzled.
  3. Hi Dave I have a screen shot of the error message, hope this helps.
  4. Hi Dave, I tried to take a screen capture but that didn't work. I may try to reinstall the A320/321 family and see.
  5. I had to reinstall AS Airbus aircraft to my computer. I installed the A318/A319 without issue. When I tried to reinstall the A320/321 I received an error message that the system cannot fine the file P3dv4 Addon. I am puzzled why one aircraft installed alright and then the second I couldn't. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.
  6. Is there a way to hide the pilot's flight yoke? I can't see around it to adjust the altimeter and other settings. It's really in the way.
  7. No errors in flight plan according to PFPX. I run the validater after I plan a flight, no errors found. I think the CRJ Pro is full of bugs and incompatibilities with P3Dv4 hotfix 2. For example, I try a flight this morning and while the aircraft--crj 700 was at the stand (gate) the aircraft crashes! P3D gives me an error message in the green bar that it was a crash! Reload the sim and try again. This time the aircraft is in free moving state all over the airport! I don't know what I did to throw the aircraft into this condition, again shut down P3D. I don't thin Aerosoft willingly admits that it's CRJ Pro bundle is buggy, that's my point of view. I am almost ready to give up on learning the CRJ and just stick to the Airbus Pro bundle and look else where for addon aircraft.
  8. I am earnestly trying to learn to fly the CRJ 700 Pro and it's a very steep learning curve especially when the documentation doesn't contain adequate information. Case in point: why won't the fms take a flight plan entered in the route position? I am using PFPX as my flight planning software and export the flight plan to the correct folder for CRJ Pro and when I go to enter the file name at the route position on the fms, I get an error message as "load error". What am I doing wrong? I use the Navigraph Data manager to update all my aircraft and addons but in the init stage, the fms doesn't show the correct airac cycle which is 2001. How to fix these issues. Thanks.
  9. I am trying to do the step by step tutorial with the crj 700 pro but no matter what livery I choose, I get a CTD. I have attached the content error file. Is this a bug with the CRJ Pro? I really would like to learn how to fly this aircraft. I have the latest version updated through the Aerosoft updater and P3D ver 4.5 with hotfix 2. I tried to load the crj 900, same CTD. I open P3D with the Aerosoft A319 as my default aircraft and home airport. All help or advice is appreciated. Thanks. ContentErrors.txt
  10. In an earlier post, Mathias stated that there maybe new voice sets in 2019, I don't see any new voice sets. Could the voice sets from Airbus Extended be imported and used? New voice sets would most definitely add a new dimension to the Airbus Professional fleet. As far as making my own voice sets, that's not possible. I am surprised with the redo of Airbus Extended into Professional that the voice sets weren't updated also. There is a third party set of cabin crews announcements out there but I am not sure if they would be compatible with Airbus Professional. How would you turn off the native voice sets to use the third party ones? Just wondering.
  11. I was wondering why the FO isn't offered any coffee or has a paper? Is there a way to add this in the next update?
  12. Ok thanks. I will wait and start my descent before filling in the weather data. Thanks.
  13. I have noticed that when I enter destination data into the fmc, I lose the top of descent distance. I was wondering is it better to wait to enter the destination data till after I reach top of descent? The tutorial wasn't much help on this subject. So, at what point should this data be entered for a proper approach to the runway?
  14. I have tried to download the update for the Airbus A319 Professional from Flight Sim Store but they stated that they have not received the update from Aerosoft as of yet. I did download the update for the Airbus A320-321 but need the A319. What should I do at this point?
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