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  1. Hi Dave, thank you for the nice reply. Yes I have many years of flight simming but the freeware aircraft I used were not anything close to Aerosoft's Professional bundle. Yes, I have the beta of SunSkyJet's great KDTW, which is my home airport on P3d and in real life. I will consider doing the connected flight deck soon. I have tried the Dash 8-Q400, quite an aircraft to fly solo! In the old FSX, before I switched to P3D version 1, I used the Airbus family from Francois Dore, very well done freeware aircraft but not close to the Aerosoft Pro bundle. I will set up a profile on Simbrief for the A319 and try it I think the data on Simbrief is more accurate with the pax load, cargo load, etc. By the way, I do like flying on the MD 88, I have flown several times out of Detroit Metro. It's still a great aircraft, don't like the rj's like crj 200, never flown of a crj 700 or 900 yet. I do switch between XPlane 11 and fly the Zibo Mod 737-800. Now that is almost a PMDG level aircraft. I do like the graphics in XPlane but some of the addon's are lacking. I do have quite a few such as xplane chatter( atc chatter), world traffic 3 for ai traffic but again, they don't function as well as their counterparts in P3Dv4. About bad weather, yes! Have had some rough real world flights but nothing like in flight simming. Any way, thanks again and I will reread and consider doing the CFD.
  2. Hi Dave, thanks for the reply. No I'm not new to flight simming I go back a long time to Microsoft's flight simulator 2000, 2004, etc even to FSX. I have been using XPlane 11, the graphics are great but it's so sterile, no atc, and the addons are not very good. Anyway, I was think about the various flight planners. I have PFPX, but find that a bit too much when I plan my short flights--under threes hours usually from my home airport of KDTW (have flown out of it many times) to others nearby, KORD, KCVG, KMBS, KMSP, etc. you get the idea. I was thinking about Simbrief and the performance data that it provides. So the OFP data would be entered by the pilot into the fms by hand. Too bad it doesn't also enter that data with the saved flight plan. Sooooo, it's just the route of the flight, runways and SID's and STAR's and other performance data is optional. Ok thanks again and CAVU.
  3. I use Simbrief as my flight planning site, but was wondering when I import a flight plan in my Airbus' fms, what data am I really loading into the fms? I checked both the Simbrief forum and their help system but did not find any information on what data/information is actually loaded into the aircraft. Does anyone know what data is loaded? I also noticed that the zfw and weights for my A319 differ from the ones calculated in the Aerosoft fuel planner. Do these weights from Simbrief actually load into the flight plan? I have been using the fuel planner and generating a loadsheet to get as accurate figures as I can. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Thanks Captain Dave, I thought so but was a bit confused. I don't know what you think you where attempting to do but it sure wasn't humor, just a feeble mind struggling to express itself.
  5. In reading the step by step guide, it mentions a transition altitude of 7,000 feet when setting up the FMS approach page into EGLL. I am confused by this since the transition altitude in the US is 18,000 feet or is this the altitude of the last transition waypoint before final approach? Please clarify this point.
  6. I don't know how to fix this issue: on a flight from KDTW (Detroit) to KMSP (Minneapolis) at 36,000 feet half way through the flight, I hear clicks (like switches being opened/closed0 and everything goes dark, black, no instruments, power, etc. This is the third time it has happened. I have all the latest versions of everything, P3Dv4, Aerosoft Professional, etc. I do not have any failures programmed in any software. When I fly, I am running in the background ActiveSky P3Dv4 and Navigraph Charts. My system has plenty of memory, so out of memory is not an issue. I have uninstalled and installed Aerosoft Professional twice and updated via the Aerosoft updater. I do have the experimental features box checked and I don't know if that's causing the issue. I also have run the Windows 10 maintenance feature as suggested by Captain Dave. This is getting frustrating and not adding to the enjoyment of flight simulation. One other note, I have too many addons, to reinstall windows 10, p3dv4, sceneries, etc. If this issue continues, I will just switch back to XPlane 11 with all it's short comings rather than kept getting frustrated with P3Dv4. I thought about going on the P3Dv4 forum with this issue, but I know I would be redirected to Aerosoft because it's there software. Here is the screen shot and the previous flight file in fxml format. I don't know if any of this is of any help, but I will attach the files. Previous Flight.fxml
  7. Thanks Dave. I am running the latest version of Winblows 10 and latest version of P3Dv4 and Aerosoft Airbus Professional, and I will try your suggestion, short of a reinstall of windows. Thanks.
  8. I am flying the A319 in P3Dv4.5 take off and climb speeds are fine but after reaching cruising altitude the speeds drops considerably to just above the AFloor. I check the flight plan and it shows speeds much higher than what I am cruising at. I have to manually adjust the speed in order to speed up the aircraft , has anyone have an idea of why the speed drops like this? Am I entering incorrect information or is the flight plan from Simbrief faulty?
  9. Ok thank you for the comment. Oddities of the Airbus as stated in the volume 8 of the documentation. I am coming from the Boeing 737 in XPlane 11.
  10. Now that I have some experience in flying the Aerosoft Pro aircraft and experiencing the oddities of the MCDU/FMS I was wondering how many use the fms or atc in their flights? Is there a way to use both successfully? I tried in a short flight and the fms had a meltdown. What would the assembled multitude suggest? Forget atc and go with the fms or something else.
  11. Ok, I uninstalled my Aeorosoft Pro bundle and reinstalled everything and then updated both through the Aerosoft updater. Took a short flight and so far didn't have the blackout issue but did have the aircraft NOT picking up the localizer. I don't know if this situation and the blackout are related but will monitor the situation.
  12. This is the second time during an otherwise very good flight that the displays just shut down. Here is the screen shot. Should I uninstall my pro bundle and reinstall everything? I am really quite annoyed by this issue. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  13. I don't know what I am doing wrong. I reviewed the step by step, because during a flight from KATL to KDTW the aircraft A321, would not climb, it went into AFloor and stayed there. Even if I tried selected mode for the speed, nothing speed would not increase, nor the altitude. I don't know what to do. I have the latest versions updated by the Aerosoft updater. This is the same issue I had withe the A319 on October 20. I don't know if uninstalling the aircraft and reinstalling them would help or just reinstall them over the old installation. This is getting to be very annoying and not very enjoyable. Suggestions?
  14. I am trying to install liveries for the A319 by hand but can find the aircraft config file. Where is is located? The downloaded liveries states to install by hand so I am trying. What am I missing? Thanks.
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