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LEBL miss runway "02" on start location

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Hi everyone,

just bought LEBL and found an issue...

Runway "02" is missing on start location but the numbers is present on p3d's map...and also in the airport...

Also did a world navaids update no way..

other addon airport did't have this issue

Obviously in GSX doesn't appear...for runway start (follow me)

any suggestion ?

P.s i have a screenshot showing the issue; recently i did an update of p3d client due an airbus nav managed issue, but i didn't a fresh installation of p3d v4.5.


Screenshot (17)_LI.jpg

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02 is very rarely used for departures at all, although is used for nightime arrivals.



ATC shall maintain the preferential configurations described below up to wind components of 10 kt tailwind, gusts included, and/or 20 kt crosswind:


Daytime configuration between 0700 and 2300 LT

Preferential: West configuration parallel runways:

Arrivals: 25R

Departures: 25L and 25R


No preferential: East configuration parallel runways

Arrivals: 07L

Departures: 07R and 07L


Night time configuration between 2300 and 0700 LT:

Preferential: North configuration intersecting runways (4)

Arrivals: 02

Departures: 07R


No preferential: West configuration single runway

Arrivals: 25L

Departures: 25L





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i read a similar topic where an user had the same problem, he said that in LEBL rwy 02/20 was missing, and i found a @mopperle comment saying:


"OK, this is what I found out:

02/20 is set to inactive in the AFCAD, due to the fact that AI Traffic would get stuck if set to active. And as in real life this rwy is rarely used due to many other restrictions, It wouldnt really matter. Interesting is the fact that EFB obviously can only display active rwys. I checked it with another product which displays it correct."


On the one hand, i think it's to prevent the AI Traffic gets stuck, on the other beacuse it's rarely used...which for me is ok

I think the issue is solved :)




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