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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Hi everyone, This is a v1 callout for the A330 PRO, just replace it in Documents\Aerosoft\Aerosoft A330 Professional\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft A330 Professional Base\Sound_ASC and the "human" callout "V1" will be replaced with this one. Enjoy !
  2. Hi, @Mathijs Kok mine was a simple affirmation, I did not want to offend your work or your team, I know you work very hard to give the best for all of us; I love aerosoft, and I have always chosen aerosoft before any other addons manufacturer. I respect your work, and sure you'll fix this issue. However last fix didn't work for A330 but Airbus family works perfectly. Cheers
  3. wow...2-3 weeks, Soo i guess we have to wait Thanks P.s thx @Brianwhtn53 for sending me this thread appreciate it
  4. Hi, Same problem here, after latest updates for Airbus family and for the A330. I use pro atc and I have the "co-pilot handle com radio" function enabled, before these last updates, all worked fine, not that it doesn’t work now, i can fly quite good, but i have to put manually clearance frequency and then seems it works. Never did before, as i have "copilot handle com radio" function enabled. When I press "fly now" button in pro atc, before i unpaused the sim the freq shows up correctly (ex 120.45 khz for LIPZ TWR) , then, when i unpause the sim, the freq turn back for example to 128.225 KHZ, that there is something that swap the frequencies by do nothing. I have a similar issue with the squawk, it swap by itself sometimes.
  5. okay And if i wanted to add v1 callout to aerosoft's airbus pro (except a330) it's possible to download this file and replace it instead of the v1 pronounced by the PM ? In summary tweaking the airbus family except for a330 Thanks
  6. Hi everyone, i was wondering where I can find a330 v1 callout sound for tweaking aerosoft's airbus family (a318-319-320-321-330) I tinkered a lot on web but lol I didn't find anything...
  7. Hi, i read a similar topic where an user had the same problem, he said that in LEBL rwy 02/20 was missing, and i found a @mopperle comment saying: "OK, this is what I found out: 02/20 is set to inactive in the AFCAD, due to the fact that AI Traffic would get stuck if set to active. And as in real life this rwy is rarely used due to many other restrictions, It wouldnt really matter. Interesting is the fact that EFB obviously can only display active rwys. I checked it with another product which displays it correct." On the one hand, i think it's to prevent the AI Traffic gets stuck, on the other beacuse it's rarely used...which for me is ok I think the issue is solved regards, Andrea
  8. Hi everyone, just bought LEBL and found an issue... Runway "02" is missing on start location but the numbers is present on p3d's map...and also in the airport... Also did a world navaids update no way.. other addon airport did't have this issue Obviously in GSX doesn't appear...for runway start (follow me) any suggestion ? P.s i have a screenshot showing the issue; recently i did an update of p3d client due an airbus nav managed issue, but i didn't a fresh installation of p3d v4.5.
  9. Hi, @mopperleObviously it depends by the local system, in fact some have had the issue other hadn't, the important thing is that the issue has been solved, and it can be an help for those who experienced the same issue.
  10. Update to 4.5 client seems has fixed the issue. It would have been better to say it before..no matter I'm close to buying ORBX scenery, Vector, Base, open LC (which i have to install in a certain order) due to this issue with airbus, may i have to install all 4.5 p3d package or only client 4.5 ? Thanks
  11. Hi, will try to reinstall client and report reinstall client will disable addons ? thanks
  12. Hi, I was flying from LIRF to LIMF with A319 route "LIRF DCT GILIO DCT KONER DCT LAGEN LIMF" same issue like bt1900... Also inserted as the guide step by step weights and fuel related information in INITIAL B.. I was expecting something like that...solved GSX issue and here comes another problem LOL, but of course are experimental updates so i understand... Hope aerosoft staff solve soon... P.s I wanted to wait even longer for v, but maybe not having other bugs...no matter
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