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Weather configuration A320 Professional

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I think that since the experimental version, a lot of problems have been solved, at least for me, in terms of controlling speeds in managed mode. Now, I can focus on other details that improve realism.
Very good for the weather options and the great printer reports. And a small big problem that I show in the capture:
How do we configure WEATHER in the simulator to inject the selected meteo?. Thanks for this.



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Thanks, mopperle. It's what I've done:
1. Selected Hoppie Network as a weather source in MCDU3
2. Enter the flight plan from LEBB in MCDU1
3. Obtain the DepAtis report in MCDU2 (AOC ...)
4. Print the report on the A320 printer and take it to the dashboard to see it better.

All perfect, but I dont see this meteo in the simulator, although pressing "B". Neither does the barometric 
pressure checklist item see it. Take the 1013 of the simulator, not the 1023 of the selected one. So they 
do not match. Or I've done something wrong, which is most likely.

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The weather source in MCDU3 is only for the printed messages.

If you want a special weather in the sim, you need a weather add on like ActiceSky, REX, FSGRW, ...


The weather uplink for the f-pln will read a ActiveSky file, or if you use an other weather program a *.wx file, that has to be created by this weather addon or for example by PFPX.


P.S.: If you use real-time weather in the sim, best is to set the weather source for the messages to hoppie. That real weather should match. So you will always get the message short after request.

The sim has a limition, so you will maybe not receive any arrival weather, if the source is set to sim.

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