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Lukla Black Scenery P3D4.5

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I have installed Lukla scenery to both FSX-Accel and P3D4.5.   It looks fine in FSX, but there are black patches all over the surrounding area in P3D 4.5. 


I have attached a top-down view.


P3D 4.5 running on Windows 7-64 Pro.  I have Orbx FTX Global Base and Global Vector. 


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Just to have it clearly said in this topic, Lukla X is NOT compatible with P3D V4: 








Source: https://www.aerosoft.com/en/flight-simulation/flight-simulator-x-steam/sceneries/322/lukla-x-mount-everest


There have been a recent update of the installer to be able to install the scenery into P3Dv4, but this doesn't make the scenery itself compatible. That's why it is still clearly stated as compatible with P3Dv3 on the website.


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