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  1. I am hoping for a response to this as well. Since the update (Marketplace version) there is only the "private" livery showing in the aircraft menu.
  2. For the last three weeks, every flight I get an announcement at 15,000 feet that the crew is serving sandwiches. But I have yet to receive a single sandwich! WHERE'S MY CREW MEAL??!!
  3. +1 here. The aircraft is an absolute blast to operate! The entire team at Aerosoft should be very proud of this! Bravo!
  4. I'm flying away from them as they are disappearing. By the time I get turned in the direction of where BUBBY was, they are all gone, up to LEGBE.
  5. Sorry, that initial waypoint of the SID is supposed to be BUBBY, not BIGGY, lol
  6. I am flying from KSLC to KGJT with routing RUGGD1 MTU JNC. Everything looks good at takeoff from 16L. The route and SID are in the FMC. ATC has me flying runway heading initially, then a slight right turn to 170. But as ATC starts to vector me with right turns toward the first waypoint (BIGGY), the SID waypoints disappear in rapid succession, leaving me with only LEGBE by the time ATC gets me pointed to BIGGY. This happens with both the A319 and the A320. (Havent tried the '318 or 321 yet). No other glass cockpit aircraft that I own do this---they all allow me to get pointed at BIGGY, then I can fly the SID as published. Running P3D4.5 with latest HF, Windows 7-64.
  7. Thanks for looking into this. I'll try again this weekend and see what happens. Maybe I did something wrong. I am using Navigraph latest download for navdata. I haven't tried a re-install. My guess is that there isn't anything wrong with the software--just my procedure.
  8. KMEM CHUUC5 MYERZ WHOLL BRBBQ3 ILS36R (vectors) originally. Enroute change to ILS18R caused STAR waypoints to vanish and inserted a discontinuity between PPOS and the first waypoint of the approach. Caused engines to go to idle. A321 variant
  9. So I was flying along happily from KSTL to KMEM. ATC had told me to expect ILS 36R with BRBBQ3 STAR, which was programmed in. About 100 miles out, ATC informed me that the approach was changed to ILS 18R, same STAR. When I programmed in the new approach and verified that I would be on the same STAR, once I confirmed it, everything went belly-up. All of a sudden the engines went to idle and most of my route disappeared, being replaced by PPOS to the first waypoint of the ILS approach, with a discontinuity inserted. I was expecting to keep all my STAR waypoints and then maybe have to clear a disco between the last STAR waypoint and the new approach IAF or transition. This buggered up my flight and I just quit in disgust. How does one change an approach without this nonsense?
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