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Tom Knudsen

Svalbard X Bug

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Just found a bug in your scenery


When installed, there pops up a red pushback tractor on every default airport in X-Plane




at first I could not for the love of the game figure out what caused it.  So I needed to fix it. Here is my progress:



First I deleted the custom scenery folder and the result was this 




Then I ran the X-Plane updater and voila the tractors (tug) were gone



I then needed to figure out which packages caused it, since I had only default airports and payware airports installed before, no libraries. 

Reading on Facebook, I noticed some others had issues with Faro Islands package and Svalbard X, since I did not have the first I suspected the last. So I tried that first. 

Installed ENSB and MESH and yes, the tractor emerges (this is from ENAL)



Ok, so I now found the bug that causes these tractors (tugs) to show in every default airports. 


Inside ENSB, open the library.txt and find this section and remove the text highlighted in blue. 




Problem solved, truck gone



If it was a push back tractor on ENSB, it is gone now I would suggest adding a default X-Plane library object or a custom model if you absolutely need to have this tractor tug in this scenery. 

I for one Is happy to see it go





I checked all other airports included in the package, and it seems the ENSB takes priority over them all, at least no tug present in them. 

So safe to use..


Thank you for an excellent scenery, that will for sure be used 



Tom Knudsen









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Tom, thanks for your feedback and this report.


@Marten from Stairport Sceneries (responsible for the airports and heliports in the Svalbard4XPlane scenery package) can surely explain that better, but if I remember correctly:


The issue is, that default pushback/tug.obj cannot be overridden regionally (with a REGION command in the library.txt), therewith the EXPORT command for the tug.obj affects all sceneries and not only the Svalbard4XPlane scenery package. An issue, which is already reported to Laminar Research. Unfortunately, no solution or even a workaround so far. Only option is to delete the highlighted line in the library.txt or disable it with a "#" as followed:


#EXPORT    lib/airport/vehicles/pushback/tug.obj                                    objects/vehicles/Equipment_Tug.obj


Regards, Matthias

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Thanks. figured as much. I for one think airport should not have any push static push back trucks or tugs unless it is part of the ground movement and in working order. 

That is if you call them to you.. Some people tend to use such things as Betterpushback plugin, me included.  I for one do not want anything blocking its path.

even if ironic it does travel through buildings.. 


Thanks for being on top, I do not own Faro Island yet, so I have not checked that one for the same issue, but I read people have gotten it with it too. 

Might want to check it out.


Have a nice day Matthias, happy to assist. 



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Finally found this thread, and fixed my problem. Is there disadvantage of doing this?



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Hello Tom,

the Faroe Islands shouldn't  have this issue . The library.txt from the Faroe islands don't have the EXPORT ... tug.obj ... included.

I have the Faroe Islands installed here and with the Svalbard fix from Maps2XPlane there is no red tractor (tug)  in the other sceneries... :)

Greets Heinz

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